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30 Cosplayers Talk Cosplay Challenges

In an ever growing popular theme, we have another post on the challenges of cosplay. A lot of people love these posts and I think I know why. As cosplayers we tend to feel somewhat isolated. A lot of these challenges happen behind closed doors. Once people see our cosplays, they don’t see the struggle behind them.

And struggle isn’t bad. It helps us get better.

1. Me!

One of the hardest things about cosplay for me is confidence. The confidence to reach out, the confidence to cosplay whatever I want without feeling insecure that I am larger than the actor or actress that plays the character. The confidence to try all kinds of cosplays, not just the ones in my comfort zone.

Confidence is the biggest challenge in cosplay for me.

2. Archtmox

The eyebrows

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Cosplayer: Kamuiyamato

3. Kamuiyamato

Unfortunately, there is drama in cosplay now that social media is a part of it for ‘how popular you are’ or ‘how many followers you have’ or ‘this person cosplayed this character better than so and so’ and it really brings me down. Just cosplay to cosplay and have fun, I say!

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4. Kazzen

For me, most of my suits cause vision problems. Most of the time I have to rely on another person to guide me places. Most of my suits are also extremely hot to be in for long periods of time.

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Cosplayer: Wesley Thompson0

5. Wesley Thompson

Honestly, just malfunctions.

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6. PeachyFox Cosplay

I hate to be so blunt, but definitely the community. There’s so much (unhealthy) competition in this hobby, and oftentimes it leads to broken hearts and cosplayers who quit. I understand no hobby is perfect but I’d have hoped that a community of people who, “play dress-up for grown-ups” would at least be a bit more supportive of itself, especially since to the previous backlash of people who label cosplayers as thing such as “nerds”, “geeks”, or, “freaks”. It’s very disheartening that the very people we cosplay alongside are the same ones who are able to start malicious rumours, especially in my local community. Also, I think it’s a lot harder for men to become well-known in the hobby because, to an extent, cosplay was first made to appeal to a mostly-male audience, with cute girls cosplaying “fan-servicey” characters for the benefit of the men who watched anime, or played games. It’s getting better, but even today I think males still struggle more in this community.

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Cosplayer: MissMadison_Cosplay0

7. MissMadison_Cosplay

Finding a balance between comfort and durability. Since I am new to the whole “wear it for a whole weekend convention” thing, my prior costume skills were no match for continuous wear and tear. So durable construction has been a key focus for me. Unfortunately, that means that comfort might be sacrificed and having to pop advil like candy to keep my feet, chest, and head from hurting is not ideal. I am still working on finding good techniques to improve the comfort factor. The first lesson I learned is to not wear wigs that are super heavy!

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8. Eugene_Cosplay

Being told to do a certain character because of your skin color, build or height. Hate that. Also, being comfortable. Like, to the point where you can keep your costume on all day. I’m always either too hot or too cold.

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9. Temperance

I am more confident about my body now than ever before but I am plus size, so finding clothes even to alter them is sometimes really disheartening and has made doing some characters really difficult.

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10. Jacy

Money, definitely the money aspect. It is expensive! Also, It is hard to search and search the internet for a good place to order from. For example, checking the sites and the items. Looking at the sites reputation and reviews of the product. It’s a lot to do, but it’s worth it!

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11. Rider Break Cosplay

So far? Motivation to build during winter months.

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Cosplayer: HappyCosplayer

12. HappyCosplayer

Learning to accept that projects don’t have to be perfect, just completed. I’m guilty of starting things and not completing them because I stress to much on the tiniest of imperfections that nobody other then myself can see. I think it’s also difficult sometimes for me to juggle the cosplay hobby along with the other projects I do.

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13. Shannon Rona

The judgement some people give, when thinking about it as a whole. I hate being labeled. In terms of creating…probably when trying to save enough money to start a new project. Read the full interview here
Cosplayer Spotlight – Anthony Rodriguez My Name is Anthony Rodriguez

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Photo Courtesy of Penelope @photographerpenelope
Cosplayer: KingsCrossCosplay

14. kingscrosscosplay

The most difficult thing for me is the comments you get when you start putting yourself out there. Since I started Kingscrosscosplay I have had multiple occasions where I have had to turn off commenting on something I had posted due to negative backlash against a photo, making jabs at my physical appearance, as well as ensuring that I know I am a “sad loser with no friends” due to the fact I enjoy spending my time dressing up as fictional characters.

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15. Crystal Wings

I think it’s difficult thing not only to me, and it’s financial matters. Some materials cost a bit, and it takes time to gather everything to create one particular costume. Also, the distance. Funny enough, I still haven’t visited the only comic con in my own country, because all my cosplay friends live in Hungary and traveling is quite expensive too. So, it’s difficult to actually get to cons.

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Photo Courtesy of Bob Hubbard of Queen City Pinups, llc. @queencitypinups
Cosplayer: Steampunk Harley

16. Steampunk Harley

Unfortunately, I see a lot of cattiness. A lot of people seem to get egos about a hobby many people enjoy. No one is the end all be all with a character, nor should cosplay be seen as a way to get a modeling contract. It’s supposed to be about having fun and sharing the love of a show/movie/comic/whatever.
The second thing is competitions. Every show has different rules so winning can be difficult. I was a little disappointed once to find out that the person who beat me out of the top spot had their mother make their costume and I didn’t think that was right. IMO if you compete you should have made the costume yourself =/
Other shows have very little subdivision in regards to skill level. It might be discouraging to newer cosplayers to compete if they feel like they’ll never win.

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17. Quade

Honestly, having to shave my beard before a con, I don’t enjoy 4 weeks of babyface after, but in all honesty also getting my idea out there into reality and making it fill an idea in my head is brutal!

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Photo Courtesy of Joshua Estep Instagram at Joshuaestepmedia
Cosplayer: MeraMera_cosplayer

18. Meramera_Cosplay

I would say it’s probably getting into that frame of mind of pushing past those insecurities and internal voices about my body and how I’ll look. I spend a lot of time worrying about if I’d even do justice to the character, but my friend helps me put those voices to rest and to just have fun with it!

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19. Cosplayer Spotlight – Jerry R. Hall II

The most difficult thing is my health, it is so hard doing bulkier costumes or full body costumes, not only do I have my lung problems but I also live in Florida so at some conventions I have felt like I was going to have to call 911. Some days I can feel great but within an instant I can feel right in my chest and be gasping for air with no warning.

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20. Harlcole Cosplay

Patience. I am not a patient person and most of my builds take over a month to complete. That is so hard for me.

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Cosplayer: The Other Half Cosplay

21. The Other Half Cosplay

Truthfully, the physical aspect for me at the moment. I was recently diagnosed with ME (or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), and it’s made the hobby of cosplay very difficult for me physically. A full day at a convention will leave me physically wiped out for at least a day, if not several, afterwards, making it a struggle. I still love to do it, but I have to be more restrained and careful with the physical aspect these days.

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22. TheArrow UK

wearing the suit in summer or any hot location, the suit itself gets hot enough, put me in a hot location such as outside on a beautiful sunny day, i will sweat more than i think i possibe

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23. UK Kingpin

The discomfort, as I said earlier I always end up wearing my kingpin during the summer months when it’s the hottest weekend of the month and I choose to wear a 3 piece suit all day, that’s 2 layers more than any of the public attendees and no amount of anti-perspirant deodorant is going to cool you down and then when you’re on your feet 80% of the day it seems to take forever to find somewhere to sit down.

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Cosplayer: Famine Cosplay

24. Famine Cosplay

The most difficult thing for me about cosplay involves people who don’t understand the community. It’s easy to stand on the outside not participating and ridicule, and being behind a keyboard a lot of the time allows that.
There can be a lot of negativity out there, fortunately it gets outshone by the kindness of people within the community.

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25. AvidCosplayNerd

The cost, sometimes the creation process can be very expensive and limits the potential creativity, also getting to conventions have been slowly more and more expensive which has left me wondering if I should be going for as long as I do (e.g. weekend tickets VS single day tickets).

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26. Lady Lo Cosplay

The most difficult thing about cosplay is feeling confident in it. Sometimes it’s hard to show yourself and your work in this very vulnerable way.

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Cosplayer: Shader

27. Shader

Not being able to sew on a machine. I’ve hand stitched everything that involves fabric.

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28. Cosplayer Spotlight-CosplayArchitect

Perfectionism. I want to look like an anime character come to life, but my face isn’t shaped right for that, and I’m too big. Maybe I’ll figure out how someday, but for now it’s an ideal I can’t quite achieve, and that grates at me.

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For me even to this day, sometimes a con can be very full on. When you have anxiety of bring in crowds like i do its sometimes hard to fully enjoy yourselves.

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Photo Cred: Lucas Marinho –
Cosplayer: F. Lovett

30. F. Lovett

Dealing with prejudice is harder than doing any costume or cosplay accessory. Unfortunately many people see this hobby as something “ridiculous” and despise us. But I pray that one day it will end.

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I know I can relate to almost all of these things. I hope there are a few things that you related to as well.

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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