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31 More People Talk About What is Difficult About Cosplay

These “difficult about cosplay” posts are some of my most popular posts. I was shocked at first. Then I thought about it.

Artists are naturally inclined to think they are alone. One of the biggest reasons people say they love cons is because they found people who like all the weird stuff they do. They didn’t have to feel alone anymore.

It is the same with things that are difficult. Things like feeling sure about our bodies or not having the skills or money we want can make us feel isolated and want to possibly throw in the towel.

But we don’t have to let these things get us down. We can let them build us and give us confidence as we realize that these things can bring us together.

I hope you enjoy getting to know all these cosplayers and I hope you feel connected with them through our shared difficulties.

2. Madi Does Cosplay Facebook page under the same name. Madi Does Cosplay.

Time and money! I have so many ideas of what I want to do in my mind for my cosplays and I am still only 18. I live with my parents still, and I’m still at collage. Trying to source fabric is hard due to my location and trying to buy good fabric with the small amount of money I earn from my part time job means I have to my cosplays little by little each month as it can be very time consuming and expensive!

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Abernathy Valentine

3. Abernathy Valentine

Instagram: AbernathyValentine
DeviantArt: AbernathyValentine

This is also the process of designing, creating, and making the cosplay. (snicker) No good cosplay is made without a sacrifice to the cosplay Gods. For every awesome success there are a trail of failures, and its easy to get discouraged, frustrated, exhausted, or to just plain procrastinate your way into giving up. That’s part of the process though, and nothing worth having comes easy!

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4. Sawyers Mess

Instagram, facebook and Twitter sawyersmesscosplay

Glue, I have stuck my hands to all kinds of places!!! (Not on purpose) :p

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5. voltageistcosplay

instagram at @voltageist Facebook at Voltageist Cosplay. Damian (@voltageistcosplay)

Deadlines. Between school and my job, I find it very hard sticking to a schedule or routine. I often fall victim to the “con crunch” because I’m most productive days before the convention.

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6. Shannon from Diamonds and Dynamite Cosplay

Facebook at DiamondsandDynamiteCosplay.

Hooptalkpodcast on Instagram

Knowing when to finish a piece. There is always going to be something you look back at and go “I should have stitched that better” or “that shade of makeup isn’t right”, and I still haven’t nailed down the looks completely how I want to but you have to accept that sometimes your fabric colour might not be 100% and just enjoy the fun of being in cosplay!

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Aoi (YOKO X AOI Cosplay)

7 .YOKO X AOI Cosplay


Being confident in the cosplay. One other difficult thing about cosplay though would have to be the negative stigma that still exists.

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8. WhiscashGirl

Facebook at my page, WhiscashGirl cosplay

For technical difficulty, I think make-up and wig styling have been some of the hardest things to learn, though I’d like to think I’ve improved at both! But on a personal level, I think the hardest thing is just accepting myself – sometimes I see all these amazing cosplayers who look so perfect, and I can’t help but feel insecure about my own cosplays. But that’s something I’m really working on – not comparing myself to others, and just doing my best and having fun cosplaying my favourite characters in my own way.

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9. Jessica

The negative concepts and backlash of cosplaying and the misconceptions. I have heard some discuss size when it comes to cosplaying. I have heard the whispers from non-cosplayers and the jokes they make towards me and my friends… I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me some.

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10. Negan

instagram! csweeneylotr

Not having enough money and time to devote to it full time. I wish I could just make costumes and props all day for myself and travel to every single convention I want to go to.

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taken by Vic from Iddstar Artwork ( )

11. BriiMassacre

– Instagram:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:

Just finding the time! My cosplays take me ages to build, as I don’t have a lot of free time to work on them. I work full time all week, on Saturday’s I need to run errands for my Nan as I am her carer, and that only leaves me Sunday’s to do as much as I can. Considering my Katniss Everdeen wedding dress took me a month to create, and that was working on it every day for about 6 hours, you can imagine how long it takes me to do the same amount of work now!

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12. Crochet Cosplay

Ignoring haters. As a WOC the moment I cosplay a character that isn’t dark I have to brace myself for racist backlash. It doesn’t always happen, fortunately, but POC shouldn’t be used to nearing the n-word thrown at them because they decided to cosplay Mei from Overwatch and they’re black.

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13. Mash Up Cosplay UK


I think the most difficult thing for me with this hobby is that I can’t possibly make everything I can think of. I don’t have the money or the space to make absolutely all the creations that are in my head. Therefore I have to prioritise and make what I think will be the most fun to build and to wear. I think I do pretty well managing what I have done so far and look forward to what may come in the future.

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14. Naurarwen Cosplay
instagram @naurarwen

Sometimes the most difficult thing for me is actually committing to just one costume because there are so many I want to make. I admit sometimes I end up making several different costumes at the same time.

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15. Marjolein

The awful comments some people have about your cosplay. I don’t like to get those, because not everyone has got the money and skills to make something screen accurate. But now, I try to ignore those comments.

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Mystmoon Costumes and Photography

16. A Stark Comparison

“ – Cosplay Photography – Cosplay Page – Cosplay Insta – Cosplay Insta

The cost, sadly it’s not the cheapest hobby in the world but with a little know how the cost does drop. To start with the hotels are a lot of money and the ticket prices are going up and up, it’s a shame but I make it happen none the less.

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17. Mystmoon

I’m on Facebook as Mystmoon Costumes and Photography
Instagram as mystmoon92

Some of the community can be pretty toxic and some of the attention cosplay gets, especially from people who aren’t into cosplay can be pretty disheartening. I’ve been featured on few bad cosplay blogs, my friends and I have had a fair few hurtful comments about our weight and looks, and this isn’t always helped by elitism within the community, especially in the competitive scene. I’ve been cosplaying competitively for the past 3 years, and mostly I enjoy it, especially at smaller events, but I’ve had experiences both with judges and competitors that have made me question if I want to continue entering competitions. In the end, I try my best to stick with areas online and with friends who I know are less tolerant of that sort of thing and block out as much of it as I can.

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18. Diystopia

instagram user @diystopia

Acting! For many people cosplaying involves becoming the character while in the costume and I just can’t do it. I’ll try to match the energy of my character but I find anything short of that to be very draining, especially in the convention atmosphere.

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19. Mark Wesker Mark Wesker

The hardest thing for me is to keep hard, sometimes working on a costume is really difficult but I always try not to be discouraged.

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20. Amanda Hopper

Shapeshifters alley inc. Is my page Amanda Hopper

Difficult thing is some of the rude people online cause of my weight

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Steampunk Cheshire Cat by Heidi Eagling

21. Heidi Eagling

We can be found on Facebook

Everybody has their own issues when it comes to cosplay. Sometimes I don’t feel physically confident enough to wear some of my costumes. They may be feeling a little too tight or such like and other times it is that I really don’t know how to adapt a costume to get over an issue. That’s the point I tend to walk away from it for a few days or weeks and it’s better when I try again. For me one of the key things is balancing time between my job and what I really want to be doing. There can be weeks on end where I can’t spare the time to make things but then other times where I can get that one hour a day just to myself. My whole family cosplay and up till now that means I have had to make kit for 4 people. Last year I had to create, change and repair 12 new costumes for one weekend. This year my children have started to want to make their own costumes and it has been great to see them take ownership of their kit.

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22. TyManderCosplay

My Instagram “Tyler james

My weight.

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23. LeoraLockheartCosplay

instagram: leoralockeartcosplay

WIGS. I’m generally not the best with hair anyway, so cutting and styling wigs is quite daunting for me.

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24. The Dragon’s Cosplay

Photo editing is super hard for me, but I am trying to get better at it.

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25. writteninthecode

“Facebook –
Instagram – @writteninthecode

Up until recently it’s been armour but I’ve kind of conquered that. I think it’s mainly the patterns and actually figuring out how to start the cosplay, especially if they’re intricate!

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26. Always River

Everywhere, sweeties! Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @alwaysriver11

There’s just never enough, ahem, time. If I could twitch my nose or blink my eyes & have a perfect cosplay, I’d do it in an instant!

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27. ZumbaWolf Cosplay

Facebook: ZumbaWolf Cosplay

Instagram: @zumbawolfcosplay of @appalachian_cosplay_league

The drama that often comes with it. There are some cosplayers who think they are better, act like they are better and try to get you in trouble at comicons and in cosplay groups by lying just to try and stir you up. The difficult part is looking past the comments and the struggle and pushing through and being the cosplayer you know you are.

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28. Wasteland Workshop

Definitely the bloody politics. The con scene, amazing as it is, sadly has a few toxic people mixed in with the good guys, and I’ve been on the wrong end of spiteful B.S. a few times, and have seen too many friends have lies spread about them as well. We’re all geeks together, you’d hope the high-school bullshit would be gladly left behind, but some folk seem unable to help themselves.

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29. EmeraldArrow

Time. There is never enough time in the day, the week, the month. There is nearly always a deadline, but that keeps things going also. A day with nothing done is a day wasted.

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30. SoulStealerCat


Sometimes the actual making of the cosplays (since I’ve been working on a few recently) and not because I find it difficult, is mostly because of the lack of time or tools that make the process slower. Another thing can possibly be the confidence you need to actually get into cosplay, for some people is easier but you know, it depends so much on every cosplayer, but you know, sometimes all these thoughts about how it’ll come out, how will it look on myself or will I suit the character come to my mind and kinda stops me from doing it, but then I think about the fact that I also do it because of me and the fact that I love the character and makes it easier to deal with all the doubts.

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Candy Arts

31. Candy Arts


That would be getting supplies. I am a South African cosplayer. We don’t have the utmost of access to things that other larger cosplay communities have, and if we do it’s usually quite expensive. But as we grow that problem is slowly diminishing. I’m still broke tho so…

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And So

One of the coolest things about Cosplay is we can talk about the hard things and support each other in them. So next time you feel bad but something or have a hard time with something, don’t dwell on it. Reach out and find the people who have dealt with it as well.

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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