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Artists Alley

Vendors Room

The Witch’s Entwinery

Çrocheted and fabric goods, mainly plushies and some apparel.

New Moon Technocraft

I sell steampunky, dorky, magical leather accessories (book covers, bookmarks, cord wraps, card holders, wallets, armour)
Con Discount: 15% off in the store: CANCELLATIONCONCODE


Handmade cute-creepy-geeky inspired amigurumi, small paintings and fandom inspired hand stamped keychains and beanies.

Pixelated Takkun

Prints, Original paintings, and Commissions

Crackwood Creations

I sell original plushies and a variety of products with illustrations inspired by my characters. Https:// (Side project in wip)

Silver Leaf Costumes

Hand-made steampunk, renaissance, and historical costuming, with a nerdy twist! Corsets for superheroes, Disney princesses, and various other cosplay!

W Designs by Dianne

Aprons, bags, costume accessories and jewelry, geek, fandom and steampunk inspired

Vulcan’s forge Studios

Fantasy and humor inspired art. We have stickers, buttons, prints, paintings, commissions and more


Original resin figures, handmade chess sets, artwork, stickers, custom toys.

LIPs Domestics

LIPs Domestics is your one-stop destination for everything you need to #GetYourGeekOn. Scarves, toys, geek wear, snark. Here you’ll find geeky and fandom inspired crafts and accessories. From crochet amigurumi dolls (superheroes, sci-fi and fantasy, and more) to the most amazing crochet scarves you never knew you needed! Also featuring my EXCLUSIVE “Cosplay Wrap-Ups” – cosplay scarves that will keep you warm while making you look like you’re wearing your favorite cosplay costume. Everything handmade with a pound of love and a touch of humor.
Con Discount: $4 off any order of $15 or more which will refund most or all of the shipping costs charged by Etsy. Enter coupon code WASHYOHANDS – good now through the end of April.

Le Dragon Argenté / The Silver Dragon

Handmade sterling silver and bronze jewellery


Original geek designs apparel, bags, and more

Harlcole Cosplay

Prints and other Art

The Little Black Cat Company

Handmade crafts and artwork (bath and body, soap, decorated tumblers and tees, original art and prints)

Steam Crow’s Monster Rangers

Monster themed t-shirts, Spirit Badges, Patches, and the Monster Rangers community


Watercolor artist specializing in original fantasy animal designs! Stickers, prints, original art, coloring books, pins and apparel.

Antiquarian Couture

I make jewelry out of antique watches and watch parts

DaSueDragon Designs

DaSueDragon Designs is devoted to hand-crafting the highest quality leather works. We specialize in bags, armor, and various leather cosplay and PG furry accessories including custom leather furry partials! Design and customization are our specialty!

Ana Apricot

Kawaii themed keychains, stickers, and washi tapes

Izzy & Marley

Geeky purses, bags, wallets, and other small accessories.


Steampunk, Anime and gamer jewelry and knickknacks

JBlake Design

I sell regular/holographic prints, acrylic charms, totebags, patches, magnets, and furry badge commissions!! I draw everything from anime, gaming, pop culture, furries, animals, skulls, memes to original dark art! 🙂
Con Discount: 10-20% off the entire shop, no code needed!

Canvas Creations

Hand painted canvases, art prints and reclaimed wooden signs.

Generation Monster

Creepy cute apparel and illustrations based on occult lore 🖤 All social media accounts are linked to the first page of my website 🖤
Con Discount: sale going on – 15% off with code “animestl”

Geek The Halls

I sell handmade resin charms, wall art, dice, dice trays, and accessories! I also design ita bags and enamel pins.
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

lil goblin soap

Bath bombs, soap, lip balms
Artists Alley

Tomboy Togs

I make embroidered felt geekery including key chains, badge holders, finger puppets and more.
Artists Alley

Lea Williams Artwork

custom wear
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Crocheted by Kirby

I make wonderfully whimsical hand crocheted Geek/Sci Fi/Fantasy/Horror inspired hoods, fingerless gloves, and accessories.
Con Discount: Just go to, give me your support, leave your email address in the message section, I’ll send you the coupon code, and you go shopping on my Etsy
Artists Alley

Studio Kurahon

3D printed and handmade gaming accessories, 3D printed and handmade fandom trinkets.
Artists Alley


I create goods and wares of eldritch-cozy creatures, loosely inspired by my location’s fauna and flora!
Artists Alley

Art by Stephanie Strange

Original art prints, Star Wars, marvel, chibi, decals
Artists Alley

ComicManiac Designs

Comic/pop culture themed art
Artists Alley

Mel Paradise

Pixel Art (Bead Sprites), Plush Sushi Pillows and toys, geeky accessories, original artworks
Artists Alley


Cute clothing, accessories and gifts
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Only Ducks, LLC

Customized rubber ducks
Con Discount: C2020 – for 15% off total purchase from now until May 31, 2020 through my website. (or .com)
Artists Alley

Jenn Li Art Fanmade merchandise and art commissions

All drawn in a stylized cartoon style.
Artists Alley

Lemon Penguin

Hand made cute original soft sculpture plush and fun accessories. Facebook Instagram Twitter
Artists Alley

Elevate studios

Art work, original and prints
Artists Alley

Everything’s Shiny Creations

Everything’s Shiny Creations features unique and custom hand-stamped jewelry and accessories, specializing in subtle geek and pop culture. Ranging from Harry Potter to Star Wars to Hamilton to Doctor Who with just about everything in between, my pieces are fun but subtle ways to celebrate favorite fandoms. All items are hand-crafted and individually made.
Vendor Room, Artists Alley


Fantasy and humor inspired art! We have paintings, prints, stickers, buttons and more!
Artists Alley

KatEye Design

Pins, charms, lanyards, prints
Artists Alley

Geeky Cute Crochet

Amigurumi and other geeky items made of yarn
Artists Alley


Handmade nerdy goods for your home and everyday life
Artists Alley

Melted Creation by B

Melted and recycled goods, Soap, bath bombs and Art work
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Jabberwock Emporium

Unique, upcycled geekery. Original art and prints. Quirky decor, clockwork tree and eye pendants, wands, monsters, mandrakes, fairies and monsters made from plastic bags, and more!
Vendor Room, Artists Alley


Anime/comic inspired paintings
Artists Alley

C.Haleion ArtStudio

Artist Alley arts and crafts. Anime and comic prints, plushies and steampunk jewelry and crafts.
Artists Alley


Candles and stuffed animals
Con Discount: 20% off sale
Artists Alley

Hechos de hilo

We sell amigurumis and perlers, as well as canvas bags and clay keychains
Artists Alley

Jun’s Basement

Artists Alley


Artist with posters, laptop backpacks, buttons and keychains
Con Discount: CONLESSINCHICAGO to save 10% off any order $25 or more
Artists Alley


I’m a tailor who specializes in alterations and cosplays. I also love to make jewelry and stickers
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Callahan Publishing

We are a publisher of Indie Comic Books and Cookbooks! Our current comic is Pizza Bros.
Artists Alley

Moy’s Little Toys

“I’m a fibre artist specializing in crochet or amigurumi. Each creation is given undivided attention and can be customized to match your vision.

Every Moy’s toy is hand made and no two are exactly the same ensuring that yours is 100% unique. Originally based in London, Ontario but now in Ottawa, Moy has shipped her little buddies to clients all over Canada.

Pricing for each custom order varies depending on the size and complexity of the design but I’m open to discussing individual and multiple item pricing 😊

I mainly use Instagram but I’m currently in the process of building my facebook page too. There you can see most of my creations. Some examples of pricing are as follows: eyeballs $8 chapdicks $15, what’s up…chicken butt! coasters $10, pokeballs $5. Feel free to message me if you have any questions 😊”
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Coventry Decor

etched glasses, vinyl decals
Con Discount: free random decal with each pint glass ordered. Shoppers should write “cancelcon” in the notes section of their orders.
Artists Alley

JBlake Design

I have lots of original occult art and fanart in my shop!! I have regular/ holographic prints and charms, tote bags, iron-on patches, magnets, vinyl stickers, commissions, and more! 🙂
Artists Alley

Catawampus Press

Catawampus Press specializes in creating strange and wonderful handmade goods. Located in Durham, North Carolina, our works are inspired by the creeping folktales of the Southeast, the charm of the mountains, and a bit of pop culture chaos.
Artists Alley

Baby Rabiez

Seat belt belts, wallets, purses, masks, shirts, dresses, totes, pins. Some of the lines we carry are Loungefly, Paladone, Jim Shore, Furry Bones, Sourpuss, Jawbreaker, BioWorld, Too Fast, Mezco.
Vendor Room


Chainmaille art, armor, and accessories — specializing in scalemaille bags and wearables, best known for our Maillesabers!
Artists Alley

Art of Kit Steele

Original art and fan art prints, along with sketchbooks and artbooks featuring tiny dragons painted with Tea and watercolor!
Artists Alley

Critical Hit Collectibles

Nerdy wooden home decor and accessories
Artists Alley

Markee Shadows Art

Dark and whimsical illustrations. Original paintings, prints, vinyl stickers, greeting cards, and commissions! Multiple fandoms with more added every week!
Con Discount:  20% off with code Lily 
Artists Alley

ravenwing wearable art

I have a large line of jewelry including ear cuffs, earrings, ear wraps, charm earrings, and feather and bead hair ornaments
Artists Alley

Hero Vision

Prints, posters, buttons, apparel, plush
Artists Alley

Jessica Nunno Art

Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustration, Comic and Pop Culture Illustration, Creature Design, Inkblot Monsters, Art Prints, Commissions
Artists Alley

AishaVoya Creations

Handmade resin masks, hair accessories and enamel pins
Artists Alley

Gimme Stuff

Polymer clay jewelry, accessories, and geekery
Artists Alley

Mystic Metalworks

Mystic Metalworks sells handmade chainmaille jewelry and oddities, scalemaille bags and costumes, and D&D dice and accessories!
Con Discount: event coupon for Free Shipping on overs $35+ with code “Cancellation”
Vendor Room, Artists Alley

Stitching monkey gifts

Nerdy cross stitch for wall hanging, cross stitch keychain, iron on patches, and scrunchies. Along with a few other odds and ends
Artists Alley

WhimsiKya Arts

Art prints and accessories
Artists Alley


I’m a jack of all trades artisan specializing in plushies, jewelry, pokeball terrariums, plushies, blankets, and much, much more!
Con Discount: coupon Covid-19, for 20% off
Artists Alley

Twyla april

Copper art + commissions
Buttons + commissions
Neck coolers
Bug outs
Paper commissions
Artists Alley


We sell large acrylic stands, holographic and matte prints, and enamel pins. We also have a strong focus on male characters, so please feel free to check out our shops for your boys! 😉
Artists Alley

Witchy Gypsy Shop

Prints, Commissions, Tattoo Designs!
Artists Alley

Leroy Binks

Abstract Art & Design
Con Discount: all of my items listed at for 10% off regular price for this weekend
Artists Alley

Lantana Arts

I sell matte prints, stickers, and fun acrylic key chains of my favorite animes and games. Check out my shop for Steven Universe, My Hero, BTS, and other related items!
Con Discount: 10% discount on the days of the con
Artists Alley

Stella’s Imagination

Hi! I love to create and sell my handmade plushies! I make bats, dragons, unicorns, and any animal you would like! I also accept custom orders and colors! Some of my plushies also have embroidered features, like colorful eyes! Each plushie is handmade with love and care! My plushies are perfect for kids and adults! My goal is make someone smile and happy! These plushies love to snuggle and are perfect for stressful days!
Artists Alley


I sell prints, stickers, and buttons of all your favorite fandoms!
Artists Alley


I sell a variety of merch related to hamsters and BTS.
Artists Alley

Weeb Culture

All things Anime for Anime Lovers, made by Anime Lovers!
Con Discount: Every 2 Stickers you buy, you get the 3rd free. A free sticker cannot be any XL Stickers we have.
Vendor Room, Artists Alley


Art prints, stickers, buttons, and more featuring bright colors, fantasy, and RPG characters!
Artists Alley

afterimages of ghostfire

Prints, pin-backed buttons, magnets, and commissions featuring the art of Julia Lichty.
Con Discount: “stayhome” – good for 10% off order total. Stacks with free shipping for $50 & over. Does not apply to custom orders.
Artists Alley

Just Call Me Insane

I sell spooky and cute Halloween merch!
Artists Alley

Trot L’Oeil Artistry

I make custom figurines, digital and hand-drawn pieces
Artists Alley

Alkemie & Artistry Artwork

Lanterns/Shadowboxes, Artwork Jewelry
Artists Alley

Wilde Designs

Handmade jewelry, art, and more for geeks, freaks & dreamers. Bringing the nerd world into your world one order at a time since 2007.
Artists Alley

Allison Weyda Illustration

I sell a mix of fanart and original art prints, enamel pins, and keychains! Most of my original art is on the darker/gothic side. My fanart mainly includes Marvel, DC, anime, and tv shows like It’s Always Sunny.
Artists Alley


Colorful, minimalist pop art prints of various fandoms
Artists Alley

Art by Little Miss Luna

Art by Little Miss Luna is a Midwest-US-based shop filled with super cute charms, stickers, buttons and other unique gifts!
Artists Alley

Ailisi Suli Art

Custom commissions, PokeBags and PokeWallets
Artists Alley

Captivating Cavallos

We make Anime Keychains and Anime Swarovski Crystal earrings. Free USA shipping on orders over $35.00.
Vendor Room, Artists Alley


Shimmer art prints, holographic stickers, glitter postcards, adult coloring books, original artworks
Artists Alley


I specialize in dakimakuras. Along with them I sell charms, character pillows, stickers, and a variety of custom art (dakis included)
Con Discount: discount code: StayHome. It’s 15% OFF the whole shop
Artists Alley

KB Crafts

Hi I’m KB and I make handmade fandom based merch like phone grips, water bottles, glasses, resin keychains, nintendo switch cases, and more! I take custom orders so let’s work together to make something you love!
Artists Alley

Skulls and Sketches

My name is Kate! I’m an artist and proud cat mom of 26 wonderful rescue cats. I have been painting for as long as I can remember. I am a huge gamer and nerd, so I paint a lot of video game and comic book related things. I paint on canvas, paper and even rocks! I paint wooden trinket boxes based on different movies or games and I also paint trinket plates based off of horror movies and Disney movies. A good summary would be, I paint whatever makes me happy and I try to make others happy through my work 🙂 I hope you enjoy!
Artists Alley

Mollsie Wallsie

Hello! I sell keychains, magnets, prints, buttons, and stickers of cute animals, videogame characters, and fantasy ladies!
Con Discount: 20% off all purchases with the code VIRTUALCON2020
Artists Alley


A variety of illustrative prints ranging from fanart to original content. I also sell merchandise such as enamel pins, acrylic charms, wooden pins, and stickers! I mostly am into a lot of shounen fandoms!
Artists Alley

Hoo? Its Claire

I sell a variety of fandom related items, such as anime, cartoons, comics, and video games, in the form of pins, charms, lanyards, stickers and prints!
Artists Alley

Josie Cuts Paper

I sell handmade layered paper art and fandom accessories.
Artists Alley

Putrid Penguins: Stunning Steampunk, Dismal Damsels & More!

Moving steampunk jewelry and accessories, both eclectic and with pop culture inspiration. Dragon eggs in all sorts of colors. Hand painted dolls with a dark twist and glow in the dark surprise. Doll head nightlights and planters.
Artists Alley

MoonSea Designs

One of a kind Polymer Clay sculptures and charms
Artists Alley


Ofskysociety creates anime-style fan art and original art prints, Vinyl posters, gaming mouse pads, and cute acrylic charms.
Artists Alley

Butterfly & Moon

Vintage Jewerly Mosaics, clothing, jewelry, leather cuffs
Vendor Room, Artists Alley, Writers Row

Four Moons Studios

We offer fanart and original art buttons, magnets, and badge reels. Our current selection of over 1000 designs covers more than 100 different fandoms, new and old.
Artists Alley

Elissia Illustrations

I sell prints, charms, lanyards, and patches of many fandoms such as; JJBA, Mandalorian, Promare, BNHA, Mob Psycho 100, D&D, and many more! I mostly sell fanart currently, more original work to come!
Artists Alley

Ailisi Suli Art

I sell custom art and bags! I have some original pieces, and am working on opening up keychains as well.
Artists Alley

Red Fish Rue Fish

Custom Metal Cuff Bracelets stamped or engraved
Artists Alley

OtterBear Studios

We at OtterBear sell handmade fleece/minky plushies, kigus and fursuits! We are open for kigu and fursuit partial commissions! Find us on etsy and instagram under OtterBearStudios!
Artists Alley

Coventry Decor

Barware for the grown-up geek
Artists Alley

Clover Patch Studio

Self made weirdo who loves drawing rabbits and video game characters! I make TONS of stickers but also dabble in acrylic charms, 2D acrylic standees and posters (°v°)
Artists Alley

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