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Ask Iso – What Made Me Start…

Welcome to Ask Iso! For our first week, we have four questions. 

What first sparked your interest in cosplay and what advice would you offer someone just starting?

I’ll take this one in 2 parts.

What sparked my interest in cosplay? I don’t know. I have always love costumes and dressing up. So as far as that part goes, I don’t remember NOT being interested.

As far as cosplay specifically, I learned about it in college. I’d wanted to try it since then. But I figured I didn’t have the money, time, or skills to do it.

Fast forward to March 2017.

My brother had a Lord of the Rings wedding. As part of the wedding party I was requested to dress up as a character from the franchise. This was my chance.

I created my Tauriel Cosplay for less than $50.

A few weeks before my brother’s wedding, a friend invited me to go to Fan Salt Lake City. It was absolutely amazing and I was 100% hooked. You can see my blog post about that here.

The second part, advice to new cosplayers, is easy. Just do it! Your cosplay can be whatever you want. We all do it for fun.

People are very supportive of whatever you can do. I’ve never had anyone tell me my cosplay wasn’t good enough, but I have amazing friends. If anyone does tell you your cosplay isn’t good enough, get new friends because there are plenty of positive friends out there.

If we met, what would your reaction be? (Either in cosplay or casual)

I am actually writing a blog post about meeting online friends. It is always SUPER awkward. Cosplay makes it even harder because we always look different.

That problem aside, I think of you as a little brother so I would probably freak out, ask if I could give you a hug, and take a bunch of selfies. Especially if we were cosplaying the doctor.

If we weren’t cosplaying we would need to go get our cosplays. Because that would be too awesome.

What influenced you to be a journalist?

I didn’t think I was until recently. I just considered myself a blogger. Then I asked you all how you would describe me to someone who didn’t know what I did. The idea of a journalist came up several times.

It was organic. I love learning, researching, and interviewing people. I also really enjoy sharing what I learned. I prefer doing my sharing in writing.

The video format is something I’m very uncomfortable with. I prefer being able to edit and polish my thoughts. But I am getting used to that format as well.

What would it take you to join Slythern?

I can’t! Even if I wanted to! I am 100% Hufflepuff through and through.

I love Slytherns. Everyone knows Hufflepuff and Slytherns make the best friends. I would love to hang out with Slytherns. I don’t think Slytherns are evil.

Even before I read Harry Potter, all my friends would tell me what a Hufflepuff I am. Every quiz I’ve ever taken has put me on Hufflepuff. Except one weird one that I’m pretty sure it put everyone in Gryffindor.

I have tried to create a few avatars that are Slythern and it doesn’t work long term. My Hufflepuff always leaks through.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, listened to my live stream, or read the blog post. If you have a question feel free to email me or message on any of the social media platforms.

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