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Author Interview – Jason J. Nugent

Something new and different today. This is an example of the types of posts that will be coming in January. This interview was originally posted on, but I’ve updated it and I am super excited to share it here.

This author has been one of my biggest supporters and a great mentor the last few years. I met him at Wizard World STL 2018 and I’ve been reading his stuff ever since. I’m a big fan of The Forgotten Trilogy (I’m finishing the third book right now). I hope you enjoy getting to know him as well!

Iso: Tell me about yourself.

JN: My name is Jason and I’ve been a paperboy, pizza maker, dishwasher, restaurant manager, promotional products sales rep, chamber of commerce director, and one time BBQ champion. I’ve skated with Tony Hawk, had a babysitter with a serial killer brother, and I’m followed by rapper Chuck D on Twitter. My wife and I share a home in beautiful Southern Illinois with our son, three cats, and two dogs.

ISO: What are your go to snacks/drinks as you work?

JN: Coffee. And more coffee.

Iso: When did you start writing?

JN: Hmm…I wrote a lot of angsty teen poetry in high school. It wasn’t until I was in college that I wrote something that caught the attention of others. I didn’t pursue creative writing for well over a decade after that.

Iso: Why did you decide to pursue writing?

JN: Back in 2009-2010, I decided to try my hand at writing again.

Iso: Who are some authors you look up to?

JN: Stephen King. Hands down my favorite author. I’m also a fan of John Scalzi, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson.

iso: What genres do you write?

JN: Sci-fi, fantasy, and horror (under a pen name).

Iso: Are you traditional, independent, or hybrid published?

JN: I’ve had four short stories published by small presses, but all of my novels and my short story collections are indie published. So…hybrid?

Iso: Why did you choose that publishing path?

JN: I’m fully enmeshed in indie publishing. I love the freedom I gain from doing it all myself. That’s also the thing I hate most about it – I have to do it all myself! I do hire cover artists and work with an amazing editor (I’m looking at you Jodi!) but I decide what I’m writing, what I’m publishing, and how I’m marketing it.

Iso: What are your favorite books?

JN: The Shining. The entire Wheel of Time series.

Iso: What do you love about writing?

JN: Creating new and interesting stories that resonate with readers. It’s such a blast when others get lost within my worlds and love their time there.

Iso: What is the most difficult thing for you about writing?

JN: Staying on task. I used to have a set schedule but changed it this past summer. I’ve yet to find a consistent writing schedule since. I try to make up for it by writing a lot on the weekends.

Iso: What are your “fandoms”?

JN: I’m a big fan of the The Wheel of Time, Stephen King, Star Wars, and indie horror.

Iso: If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

JN: The movie Avatar was such a beautiful place. I’d love to be a Navi!

Iso: Who is your favorite fictional character?

JN: Rand al Thor from the Wheel of Time series. He went through so much and anted to do the right thing.

Iso: Where do you get your inspiration?

JN: Life, dreams, common occurrences. It can be fleeting moments that produce the biggest inspiration.

Iso: What are some lessons you have learned about being an author?

JN: As much as the act of writing is a solitary exercise, it really does take a team to make something worthwhile.

Iso: What is something you wish beginning Authors knew?

JN: Write passionately about what you love. Don’t let others dictate what you should focus on, your writing will reflect your true feelings amd your readers will love you for it.

Iso: What tips or tricks do you have for other authors?

JN: Writing is not truly a solitary venture. Find your tribe and find where your readers are. That will get you far.

Iso: What projects do you want to do if money and time were no object?

JN: I’d love to do a long horror series. That would be fun!

Iso: What projects are you working on?

JN: I’m currently working on the final book in the Seam Travelers trilogy (written with fellow author Ray Wenck) as well as a new horror novel for my pen name.

Iso: Where can people find your writing?

JN: They’re all available on Amazon and some are on Audible as well. You can always try my website for more info.

Check out Jason’s books and social links!




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