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Cancellation Con 2020 – A Review

Have you ever planned a 3 day, 24 hour online event with 180 vendors, over 30 panels? How about an event that 463 people said “going” on the Facebook Event with 791 other people marked interested? Let’s add a Discord group with over 300 people and Instagram with 634 followers.

Oh, and build it from scratch with only two main organizers (volunteer) and a tiny (but important) group of volunteer helpers.

In three weeks.

That was where I have been mentally for the last month. 24/7 trying to build this event from the ground up.

Overview of the con

If you haven’t heard about how the con works, read all about it here

Participate in this event now! A lot of the experience is still available in the online convention center!


I am grateful to my Co-planner, NotPennysCosplay ( Instagram) for helping me actually do this and pull it off. Chef Ryan Callahan (instagram) (and his awesome wife) for our awesome images, mascot, and comic. And I’m stopping there otherwise we would be here all day.

It feels a little weird to actually review my own convention, so I asked a few groups to do it for me.

Reviews From Atendees

“We need more of this, even after the coronavirus stuff is gone! I’m glad this kind of con popped up during the quarantine. It’s a great way to keep everyone in touch!” – Syrus Facebook Instagram

“The convention to me was such a great emotional boost during this time, it has brought me closer to people in the cosplay community and has brought great joy to others” – TrashguardianCosplay

“The con was an amazing pick me up. It gave me a way to relieve my stress in a healthy way and a community of people that could be there to cheer me on. It made me feel happier than I’ve felt in a long time.” – teal.art_cosplay

“I had a great fun I definitely enjoyed the opportunity to give back to such an amazing community, and see everyone and it was so fun as an event as a whole” – Sarah-Beth Davis

Reviews from Panelists

“It was a great event with lots of cool people! I am definitely paneling here again!!!!” “Amazing staff, very helpful to panelists and had great giveaways. It’s so much easier to shop the artist alley and I don’t even have to wait for it to open! Hoping this becomes a yearly thing or more!” – Kat Sugar

“It was an amazing con I met so many new people and am very happy to have participated.” – Matty’s Masquerades

Reviews from Vendors

“This is the first convention of its kind that I have participated in, and based on results, I would happily do so again. While it could be improved, I’m not sure how for the time being. I’d love to see an actual (like VR) dealer’s room and artist alley, but that would take an unreasonable amount of work from both staff and vendors. Mostly I’m happy that the community has stepped up so much in every way they can to support each other.” – AishaVoya Creations

“A well-organized and thoughtful event!” – Art by Little Miss Luna

“Cancellation con is like a con in your own home. All the panels and vendors had an array of content & gear to offer in this dire time. The sense of community is real as the channels were very active with conversation. Should this pandemic continue to make this a new normal. I would highly recommend this event run again.” – Anthony Haftner/HeroVision 

“Fun! Would like to see if it happens agian!” – Clover Patch Studio

“Very happy to take part in something so ambitious. When there’s nowhere you can go, you can always find new friends in fandoms online! This was a great idea to bring those fandoms and people together.” – Leroy Binks 

“Great idea but would be better with more refining!” – LIPs Domestics

“Great event for nerds alike to show off their crafting skills, talk about similar interests, and hang out”  – Bold and Brash Studios

“Cancellation Con was an amazing event that featured many of the elements that an in-person con provides. The panels were varied and personable, and the staff working on the event was so helpful. Such an engaging event that I didn’t want to end.” – PPN Creations

“I think it was very well managed and handled excellently, especially for the first virtual con done by just a few people. The site was a bit hard to navigate with so many pages and I wish the artists all had preview images of their work (it could have been laid out in a gallery-style instead of scrolling site), but the Discord was great and I was so happy to have a place to interact with other artists and people. It was really cool overall, and I had a great time. I hope we can have another virtual con over the summer, since there still won’t be any other cons going on!” – Mollsie Wallsie

“This was a great idea for all of us who are missing the void left in our lives and businesses by the cancelled conventions all over. So fun!” – Wilde Designs

“It’s a really good concept… but there are things that need to be ironed out for this to run smoother. So people know where to go and where to post.” – Jessica Nunno Art 


I hope you all enjoyed the convention (or hearing about it). Please support our Vendor’s if you can!

All external links are unaffiliated with me, I’m just fans of them. 

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