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Welcome to Cancellation Con

Has your favorite comic con been canceled? Are you stuck at home from work or school? Did you slave over a cosplay that you now have nowhere to wear? Well this is the convention for you!

Welcome to Cancellation Con 2020…it’s virtually a comic con!

Our mission is to create a 3-day online event where the cosplay and convention community takes over the internet and comes together to offer each other support and have fun during these confusing times.

Get Involved

First, we need your help to grow this con! You can do this by:

Next, find your niche 

Or pick all of them, we won’t judge!

Host panels and meetups through Twitch, YouTube, Zoom or whatever platform you prefer.

Share your cosplays and participate in our cosplay competition. 

Interact with cosplayers as other vendors and promote your online store and products. 

Meet our mascot, Cancel-Chan and see how she became a superhero! 


First, make sure your panel is streaming friendly. You can interact, but it is very different online.


Then make sure you have all the tech stuff you need. Good Internet, decent video and sound equipment, etc.

Decide what platform you want to use. We recommend YouTube or Twitch, but it is up to you. 

Next, pick a time. There is no limit to space, so pick a time that works for you.

Last, submit your panel(s) here!

Remember, we have no budget and minimal staff, so you are in charge of all equipment and having a moderator for your panels. 


Beginning April 3 at 12am the Facebook page will be open to all cosplayers who want to post their creations.

Let us know where you were planning on wearing your costume and anything other details you’d like to share about it.

We would like to recognize the lost cosplays of the Corona Virus!

Be kind, geek out with each other, and have fun! 

We are even planning a fun cosplay contest, more details coming soon!


First, fill out our survey to be featured in our online program.

Then, join the Couch Con Facebook group (this will be our Vendor’s room on Facebook).

Mascot Cancel-Chan

If you are on Discord, make sure you are part of the ComiGram group (and also check out Virtual Artist’s Alley).

The day of the event we will be shouting out people who have filled out the application. You can also share items in the Facebook Group and on Instagram with certain hashtags. 

Have questions?

Feel free to message us or drop a comment on every platform!

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