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How To Cosplay – Casual Cosplay “Hufflepunk”

I saw a pin on Pintrest one day labeled “Hufflepunk” and I fell in love. I pinned it to my “Everyday Cosplay” board (check out my obsession here) and filed it away. When I realized I had a con I was only going to be attending for a short time, I I had to do it. So much for promising myself I wasn’t going to be building anymore cosplays until I finished Neesa…

Base costume


I decided to go with a mustard legging because it seemed more of a “punk” color than a bright yellow. I ordered these leggings off Amazon. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I got them today and I’m considering buying one in every color. It is incredibly soft and opaque. I really love them.

Here is the link to where I got them:

Cap Sleeve

I am using a light yellow undershirt because it is less of a contrast to the overlayers. And also because I tossed my mustard cap sleeve 2 weeks ago. (For the record, it is true the moment you get rid of something you need it.)

Here is a link to some ideas: to Clipboard

Over layers

Black Distressed Pants

For this I bought a pair of black pants for $1 from the thrift store. I would have liked skinny jeans, but these were close and I was short on time.

Here are some links to some better ones: to Clipboard

I did a quick Pinterest search (see the board here) and found a bunch of ideas on how to distress them. I am pretty pleased with the result. It’s not perfect, but not bad for my first time.

White Cutoff Dress Shirt

For this, I used another $1 find. I have always said white dress shirts were always in abundance in thrift stores. Today I ate my words. I had to go to 2 thrift stores to finally find one.

Fortunately, I found a perfect one for $1 at the second store. I came home and cut the sleeves off right before the seams. And it was done.

If you can’t find one, or don’t have time to thrift, here are some links: to Clipboard


At the time I’m writing this, I haven’t been able to find the perfect jeans jacket to hack into a vest. I am still looking, but for now I will be using the cut off Letterman jacket from my Annabeth/Rey mashup cosplay.

Update: my best friend had a jean vest I borrowed!

If I had time for shipping, here are some links to cheap jeans jackets: to Clipboard



I bought this Hufflepuff tie for my other cosplays, but it was perfect for this. It only cost $4 and the seal on it is decent.

You can find the link to the tie here: to Clipboard


I thought the “Hufflepunk” would have a tiny backpack. I happened to find a perfect black and yellow one at the second thrift store.

Here are a few links to some ideas: to Clipboard to Clipboard

Did you use this to make a Hufflepunk outfit? Please share it with me!

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