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Closed For Renovations – Achievements in 2018, Plans for 2019

Missing my cosplayer interviews?

Never fear! It will be coming back soon. I’m taking some time at the end of the year to spruce things up and get everything ready for next year. You might not be hearing from me, but I am working for you!

Achievements in 2018

2018 has been a HUGE year! The first year for


This is the 318th post! That is a lot in just over a year. This year my posts have included:

268 Cosplayer Interviews

10 Cosplay Photographer Interviews

7 How to Posts (next year there will be a LOT more.)

10 Con articles (5 conventions)

Social Media:

This year, I have made so many new friends!


CosplayIdeas on Facebook has 160 likes! Iso Rivers Author has 19. Like cosplay stuff here and the author page here.


I have 832 followers and 689 posts. Not seeing them? Follow me here!


On Twitter I have a whopping 1,248 followers! Not getting my witty tweets? Be sure to follow me!


As of this month I have 680 monthly viewers! Only 5 followers, so if you use Pinterest, hope on over and follow me!

Plans for 2019

I have a lot of 2019 plans, but here I am going to focus on convention and cosplay plans.


As of this date in time, I will be attending three conventions for sure in 2019:

Fox High Comic Con; February 16, 2019

Wizard World St. Louis; April 5-7, 2019

Archon 43; October 4-6, 2019

If you would like to see me at another convention, let me know! I try to attend as many conventions as possible. Currently I still plan on only attending cons in the St. Louis area, but you never know what might happen!


I have massive amounts of cosplays in the works. But for now I am focusing on several different versions of River Song and my Hogwarts students.

Another goal I have for 2019 is to get all my completed cosplays photographed. There are over a dozen of them.


Well this is sort of a secret …check back Jan 3 for more details!

Happy New Year!

Be sure to join my mailing list for updated information (more on that Jan 3). Until next year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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