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Cosplay Photographer Spotlight – Erik Blume

Guess what? We have a photographer interview today! I love hearing all the tips they have for cosplayers. And Erik has some great ones!


My name is Erik Blume, I’m using this Name for my cosplayphotography, too.


I’m totally into Pepsi Max – I love this stuff, maybe sometimes to much.


I’m 31 and from germany. I  grow up with anmie in TV, like Pokemon and Dragonball. That was my first touches with anime and I loved it. With the time I get into playing computergames (RPG and strategy mostly), LiveActionRoleplay und crafting. Today I’m a selfemployed webdesigner, but I still love my nerdy hobbies.


I start last year in june.

What got you into photography?

Thats tricky. I’m not very talented by drawing – but I want to create beautiful images. I love fantasy, scifi and things like this, but I wont just consume them. I already know cosplay at this point of time, so I’ve decided to take pictures.

What made you go into cosplay photography specifically?

There is on guy, they call him EosAndy. He is an incredible photograph and takes really great cosplay photos. My girlfriend tells me last year in may, that he gives workshops. So what should I say, I bought the last ticket for the workshop and learned from him and Matthieas Schwaighofer. It was absolutely amazing.

How long have you been doing photography?

A year, I started with cosplayphotography. In the past, 10 or 11 years before, I short tried some photography, but not really.

What types of cosplay do you like to shoot?

I don’t have any like this. I see a Cosplay and if I like it, I want to shoot it. Genre doesn’t matter, there is just one criteria: I must like it.

What is your photo shoot goals, or something you would love to shoot?

Goals… I didn’t think in goals. A goal is often an end, too. I just want to shoot, create amazing pictures, see the happy faces of Cosplayers when they see her pictures. Sounds lame, I know, but thats it. Of course, sometimes I think how nice it would be to take pictures of person A or B, but then I meet some random cosplayer with 98 follower at instagram and have a great shooting with.

What is your favorite kind of cosplay photo shoot?

I like great locations, without many humans. Give me a castle, a forest or an old industry  building. I didn’t like to shoot at regular conventions in a plain hall full of people in the Background.

What do you love about cosplay photography?

The opportunities. You can do so much things and have many choices while playing with Photoshop. Guns, Armour, Swords, Wings,… there are so many fantastic accessories.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay photography?

The distance. In my region aren’t many cosplayers, so I have to travel several hours for a shooting, with all the stuff I need.

Do you have any camera equipment you can’t live without?

Yes, my objectives and flashes. Without the right optic or light, my pictures look like shit.

If you could live in any fantasy world, where would you go?

Myrtana (Gothic 1 – 3)

If you could give cosplayers tips about working with a photographer, what would they be?

It’s hard for a photographer to imagine the kind of a character. If a cosplayer could show a moodboard or some pictures for impression helps a lot.

What are your “fandoms”?

Don’t laugh, Digimon, Pokemon are big favs. But I love also SwordArtOnline, Overlord, Violet Evergarden and GoblinSlayer.

What is something you wish cosplayers knew about working with a photographer?

Talk. If you want something or if you want something not – talk with the photographer, before or while the shooting. I can take a picture of you but couldn’t read your mind 🙂 Sometimes cosplayer want a picture of a special pose or didn’t want a pose but don’t say it. After the photoshooting they write a short message or telling you after getting her pictures. But thats unnecessary, telling things like this early would help to save time and work a lot.

What misconceptions do you feel cosplayers have about working with a photographer that you’d like to clear up?

It’s not my job to know your character. There are SO MANY animes out there, I couldn’t know any of them. It’s possible, that Im not knowing anything about your character, so please, speak, tell my about. A inappropriate picture, because the character does a wrong pose could be avoided.

What is something you wish cosplayers knew before they booked a photography session?

Please know your cosplay. Tell the photographer before the shooting if you couldn’t sit, knee or stand for long time.

What is your creative process?

On location, Im first exploring the location, find good spots and points to avoid. After shooting start it with sorting pictures. Then came the Photoshop-Part. I experiment a lot, cry sometimes, let pictures some days resting and restarting, till I like a picture. There isn’t a fix process, Im working a bit chaotic at this point.

What are some proper etiquette tips for booking a photoshoot and participating in one?

Tell him when and WHAT you want to shoot, show him some pics for example. It’s really annoying when people write “I want to shoot my WHATEVERCHARACTER” and you don’t know how it looks in real live.

Where can people find your photography?

Mostly on instagram, looking for erik.blume or #erik_blume_photography .

What is your greatest achievement (regarding cosplay photography)?

Today, I would say a picture of Kimontherocks as mononoke. Tommorow could it be a another one.

Is there any photographer out there helps you to find your style and to get better?

Of course, there are some people around. EosAndy, Baumography, Mondscheinmotte are some of them.

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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