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Cosplay Photographer Spotlight – Tsukimi Photography

This awesome Photographer is very supportive of cosplayers. Show them some love…after you read the answers.

What is your Name/Business Name?

Nick/That’s a nickname right? Then probably *eye roll* cause that’s what I get when I make a joke/Tsukimi Photography

Cosplayer: @sakurahanaidol

What is your favorite beverage?

Why you asking such hard questions? Uhhhh Green tea? Irish Whiskey? I drink a lot of water….water? Yeah, water. Final Answer. Flavored water though. Mango Flavors are the best

Tell me a little about yourself?

This is almost as hard as the ‘beverage’ question. I never know what to say. I’m a guy. I am an analyst by day and a photographer up until about 7pm when I go to bed cause I am always tired. I have 2 cats, a ton of reptiles and amphibians…uhhhhh, used to be VP of the Japan Society of New Orleans. Do my best offer positivity to others. Uhhhh I use Androids. Uhhhh Ok this is hard than the beverage question.

I really don’t know what to say. One big thing about me though is that I tend to give positivity often and I do it because I have never gotten much positivity in my life. And I have cats. Oh, and I don’t have kids. That I know of.

When did you start cosplay photography?

Let’s see….6-7 years ago? But, for business and fun purposes maybe about 4 years ago? I think?

Beautiful fall pic from a sophomore shoot with the model known as Silver

What got you into photography?

I actually have been doing photography since I was a teen and I started with sunsets. I always want to try and just capture that image. Not create an image but capture that moment. That laugh. That smile. That trip. That tear. The things that memories are made of…I wanted to try to catch it

What made you go into cosplay photography specifically?

I absolutely love the creativity and fun within it. It gives me the opportunity to capture, not only someone’s creativity, but such vivid and wonderful characters and, sometimes, if I work with a cosplayer often enough, I get to watch them grow. That’s the best part
How long have you been doing photography?
Digitally, maybe 15 years in some way? First true DSLR was about 8 years ago. I did film long before that

Cosplayer: @pandoricacosplay

What types of cosplay do you like to shoot?

My favorite shoots are when the cosplayer is REALLY into the character. Then you get to have so much fun and really see them light up trying to be the character

What is your photo shoot goals, or something you would love to shoot?

I leaned back in my chair to think about this one. I tried to think of scenes and characters and styles and stuff like that. And, sure, I really want to do that. Hell, I need to learn to add special effects eventually. But none of those answers seemed to fit.

I want to take pictures that make people smile. That make them happy and proud. I want people to see their work and be like “holy crap..did I really do that?” and to think that with pride. That’s one of the big reasons I do cosplay photography – I know cosplayers put a lot of work into their work, whether they buy all or some or make it from scratch. I want them to have good pics of what they did

Inappropriate Sailor Moon
Cosplayers: @krewdumoon and @starfaise_cosplay

What is your favorite kind of cosplay photo shoot?

Silly. Lots of laughs and creativity and fun. That’s really it honestly

What do you love about cosplay photography?

Just the creativity. The creativity and art and colors and love for the characters is amazing

Cosplayer: @cosprongs

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay photography?

I actually don’t want to answer this one but I will.

Watching cosplayers beat the hell out of themselves, either for their cosplay, be it store bought or not, or cause some jerkwad in the community is bullying them or, worst because I do it – they just criticize themselves. They don’t see the amazing work they do. Instead, they only see whatever imperfection they have – color was off, could have made an accessory better, height, weight, color…. It’s like, y’all were brave and proud enough to step in front of a camera! You did it because, despite all of your doubts, you believed in your work. But all you see is the roadblocks you traversed to get there, not the beauty you created. That kills me.

Do you have any camera equipment you can’t live without?

My Sigma 35mm F1.4 art lens most likely. And batteries 😉

If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe something medieval and magical. Maybe. That’s a tough one

Photo from Running of the Bulls

If you could give cosplayers tips about working with a photographer, what would they be?

Know your character and any pose they COULD do. Not that they WOULD but that they COULD. Cosplay photographers can’t have everything memorized but this is your chance to showcase something you love. Something that means the world to you. Photographers can help and clean up the poses, but we can’t memorize everything.

Oh, and if you have certain accessories you want to show case, let us know. Same thing if you have any issues that we should watch out for, like knee issues or eye issues or a zit or something like that

What are your “fandoms”?

Uhhhh a lot I guess. I’m old so Transformers, Darkwing Duck, Dominion: Tank Police. I guess. Stuff like that. But, I promise you – no matter how much I love your character or am a fan, I will TOTALLY forget their name lol

What is something you wish cosplayers knew about working with a photographer?

2 things really – 1. Relax. This is you. We’ll have fun. We’ll help clean up your poses. We’ll help you get in a place. We’ll do all we can. But, if you’re uncomfortable or lack confidence, it’ll show in the pictures. 2. This is YOUR shoot. If there’s something you want done, let us know. If we can do it, we will. Oh and 3. Talk to us. No photographer should ever come across as some great being who you should be scared of. If you are not comfortable, say it

What misconceptions do you feel cosplayers have about working with a photographer that you’d like to clear up?

Lol easy – that we will magically pose you in the greatest of poses. Look, we’ll do our best, but we can’t remember everything. Know your character, what you want them to do, and we’ll clean it up

What is something you wish cosplayers knew before they booked a photography session?

Lol and we’re back to the poses lol. But, really – that their work is awesome. And that they’re so brave for stepping in front of a camera

Cosplayer: @griffincosplayandart

What is your creative process?

HAHAHA “What happens when I do this?” lol. That’s kinda it when I edit. When I take the picture, I creepily walk around my subject and look at various angles, colors, eyes, accessories. I look for things that are out of place. And then, afterwards, there’s always at LEAST one shot where I’m like “Why didn’t you change this setting or do this angle instead???????”

What are some proper etiquette tips for booking a photoshoot and participating in one?

Have money/payment ready, if you’re going to be late or not show, TELL US (or at LEAST the cosplayers you’re supposed to shoot with, ask questions such as “print rights”, “how many pictures”, “Time to turn around”, and, if you’re doing anything you’re nervous about having the public see, “will these be posted” are great questions.

But, for me, the most important is to talk to us. If we do something inappropriate, if you’re uncomfortable, if you’re running late, there are certain shots you NEED, things late that

Where can people find your photography?

On facebook, Instagram, the Interwebs, some walls, etc.

What is your greatest achievement regarding cosplay photography?

I’m not sure honestly. I know there are some people I’ve made massively happy and just made their days. I think that would be my greatest achievements

What question should I have asked, but didn’t?

What does the fox say?

What is the answer to that question?

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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