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Cosplayer Spotlight – Crescent Rose cosplays

I love a good RWBY cosplay, and this cosplayer has one! Plus a bunch of other awesome cosplays! Enjoy her answers and have a great Friday!

What do we call you?

Crescent Rose cosplays (FB)
Crescent_Rose_Cosplays (IG)
Gallows Calibrator (Youtube)
Anachuuuu (steam)

photography credit to @mat norris
mad moon photography (FB and IG)

What is your favorite beverage?

My favourite drink has to be Coka cola, i drink a bit more than i should though.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I’m a 23 year old anime and cosplay enthusiast, i love reading, writing and doing art when i’m not listening to music or recording for youtube. Gaming is also a very big part of my life and i’m a huge Bethesda fangirl.

When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying in 2014 and haven’t looked back since

Why did you start cosplaying?

Cosplay for me was an escape from the real world and it has become my biggest passion in life, it helps me a lot, especially with depression. I’ve made so many new friends through cosplay it’s unreal.

Who are your cosplay idols?

I have quite a few cosplay idols, but the main ones i look up are Misa on wheels, Yaya Han, Courtoon, Tina kinz, Jinxy Dragon and Leon Chiro.

photography credit to @mat norris
mad moon photography (FB and IG)

What types of cosplay do you do?

I mainly cosplay anime characters but i love cosplaying from whatever i can, this year i’m hoping to do more videogame cosplays.

What are your favorite cosplays?

So far my favourite cosplays have to be ruby rose from RWBY, Asuna from SAO, Rin from love live school idol festival, Nora Valkyrie, Yuno Gasai are my main favourites to cosplay but i have a feeling there will be more this year.

What is something you want to cosplay but probably never will?

Sinon from GGO

Do you make, buy, or special order, your cosplays?

Usually i buy all my cosplays or commission, however i’m starting towards making my own more this year.

What do you love about cosplay?

I love the freedom i feel in cosplay and how accepting the community is, I’ve made a lot of friends via cosplay, unlike in normal life, i find cosplay a great common ground to meet new people with.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay?

Taking it off after the end of a convention or Photoshoot, it’s really difficult to want to go back to real life.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

Currently it has to be Nora Valkyrie, She’s such a fun, lighthearted character and i love acting like her at cons, it’s a lot of fun, i’m hoping to re-do her this year for may mcm.

If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

to the homestuck universe, i adore homestuck and the troll world would be epic to visit.

photography credit to @mat norris
mad moon photography (FB and IG)

Where do you get your inspiration for your cosplays?

From animes or games i watch and play and from all around me, Hannah alexander’s artwork really inspires me and so do fan arts and crossovers.

What are your “fandoms”?

Love live
Future diary
No game no life
assassination classroom
Bethesda game fandom

and lots more XD

What is something you wish beginning cosplayers knew?

About a place for advice and helpful tips for starting out where they felt they could ask questions and for advise without criticism.

What tips do you have for other cosplayers?

Tips, always plan ahead with bigger cons and make sure you have the main things you need packed sooner rather than later. i found this out the hard way in may.

photography credit to @mat norris
mad moon photography (FB and IG)

What is something you wish non-cosplayers knew?

That cosplay is perfectly normal and that because we cosplay we are not “weird” or “freaks” which is pretty saddening to hear.

What cosplays are you working on?

currently i’m working on tokyo mew mew minto, Star guardian Ahri, HA design rikku, Celestia Ludenberg and Update Nora Valkyrie.

What cosplays do you want to do if money and time were no object?

Ainz from overlord, i adore the character and it would be pretty incredible to cosplay as him one day.

Where can people find your cosplays?

Crescent Rose cosplays (FB)
Crescent_Rose_Cosplays (IG)

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee.

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