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Cosplayer Spotlight – Mash Up Cosplay UK

Mashups are something I absolutely love! And this cosplayer astounds me with his detail and creativity . Do not miss this!

Hi! What can we call you?

Hi my name’s Dave but my cosplay handle is Mash Up Cosplay UK.

What is your favorite beverage?

When building at home or patrolling at a con I like a coffee, particularly a mocha if there’s the option. If celebrating or on a night out, I’m a spiced rum and coke guy.

Viking batman
Photo by: Andrew Childs

When did you start cosplaying?

My 1st cosplay was in September 2014, just over 3 years now at a little local con called Demoncon, I cosplayed the dark judge, judge fear from the pages of judge dredd.

Why did you start cosplaying?

I always loved ‘fancy dress’ wether for Halloween or for parties and loved making a fun costume for it but when I started going to cons and saw and admired the cosplay on display I decided to dedicate my artistic talents to joining the cosplay community and showing off what I can do

Who are your cosplay idols?

I don’t have any particular idols as such or cosplayers that got me into this but amongst many many other super talents out there is this one dude who I think is kinda cool. ‘Lonstermash’ is a Wolverine cosplayer and looks pretty damn close to Hugh Jackman too, which helps but not essential, he also has fun with it by adding a crossover or mashup to his cosplay, check out his Easter or Jedi wolverine 😉

What types of cosplay do you do?

I started by just picking what I thought would be fun to make like my ‘judge fear’ or my ‘Stargate Sg-1’ but I moved on to something that really gets my creative juices flowing… mash ups! I love taking 2 or more characters or ideas and merging them into 1 new creation, like my Judge Dreddpool (dredd/deadpool) or my Captain Mario (cap america/super mario)

What are your favorite cosplays?

I would say my favourite cosplays to see are unsurprisingly the big impressive ones! I will always appreciate a cosplay that clearly took a lot of skill, effort and dedication to create. Things along the lines of space marines and other big armour builds I would say are most impressive. Maybe one day I will do one myself.

What is something you want to cosplay but probably never will?

I did have an idea for a super mashup!
I designed a cosplay that included ALL the characters of the justice league in one superb armoured foam build costume. It was going to have lights and sounds and all kinds of awesome but then I came up with Captain Mario and Viking Batman as ideas and decided to go with them instead.

Captain Mario
Photo by: Marcus pointer

Do you make, buy, or special order your cosplays?

I make everything from scratch where possible. I’ve become quite good at sourcing various supplies and love learning new techniques to make certain things certain ways. Every new cosplay for me brings new challenges and I thrive from overcoming those challenges and getting better at the art of cosplay building.

What do you love about cosplay?

I love being creative, so the building and designing aspect is very satisfying But mostly I’ve made many friends doing this over the last few years and getting to hang out and patrol with those guys is great.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay?

I think the most difficult thing for me with this hobby is that I can’t possibly make everything I can think of. I don’t have the money or the space to make absolutely all the creations that are in my head. Therefore I have to prioritise and make what I think will be the most fun to build and to wear. I think I do pretty well managing what I have done so far and look forward to what may come in the future.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

Judge Dreddpool is a lot of fun to patrol a con with as you can be a bit silly because of the deadpool side of him however it’s a lot of leather and armour so its exhausting but my 2 more recent ones, Captain Mario and Viking Batman are my new faves, they’re easy to wear, easy to recognise and the public love having photos with them, it’s really nice to get fan feedback when you’re on patrol.

If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

I would probably live in the world of ‘Futurama’ it’s quite similar to what we know but as it’s 1000years in the future there is also advanced technology/robotics and intergalactic communities, friendships and travel. I think it would be fun to experience a life with those additional elements

Where do you get your inspiration for your cosplays?

Somewhere from within the depths of my mind! Lol. I will always try to be original, if someone has done a mash up I’m thinking of I will scrap the idea. That being said I may see inspiration from places like Facebook or Instagram but will always do my own thing with it. Most often I will merely pick a character I love and flick through the rollerdex of my mind and think of another character that could fit very well together with it, for example when I thought of doing Viking batman I instantly thought of making his BAT-tle axe in the shape of the bat logo and that for me was enough to carry on and get designing the rest of the costume.

What are your “fandoms”?

I love all things marvel and DC, I have quite an impressive collection of Amazing Spider-Man comics but like the films and tv series as well. I am also a big fan of super mario, Stargate, judge dredd and Red Dwarf among many other things.

What is something you wish beginning cosplayers knew?

I think everyone should know that the main thing you should be doing cosplay for is for yourself and to enjoy it. I have found some cosplayers take this hobby way too serious and that can cause strife. also if you think you will get famous doing this, that is extremely rare. Some cosplayers are very lucky to be able to make a living doing this and I applaud them but that shouldn’t be the reason to get into cosplay, just have fun and if it happens, that’s great.

Photo by: Darren Rickard

What tips do you have for other cosplayers?

When it comes to building, I recommend research, watch YouTube tutorials, join Facebook groups, practice lots and be willing to be helpful to others.
When it comes to attending cons, drink lots of fluids you will dehydrate rapidly even on cooler days and eat to keep your energy levels up and above all be nice to everyone you meet.

What is something you wish non-cosplayers knew?

How much fun it is to cosplay

What cosplays are you working on?

I am in between cosplay builds right now, I haven’t thought of the next creation yet. I might upgrade and reimagine my Judge Super Mario (my first mashup) in 2018 though so that’s a possibility.

What cosplays do you want to do if money and time were no object?

I would make a huge armour build if I had the time, money and space for it. Maybe a Space Marine or hulk buster mashup

Where can people find your cosplays?

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