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Cosplayer Spotlight – Matthew Kinzey

I always say, who doesn’t love a good superhero cosplayer? I know I love them. I hope you all enjoy getting to know this one. 


Hello everyone, my name is Matthew Jerome Kinzey.


I am a 23 year old autistic young adult. I am just your everyday nerd who loves  gaming, cosplaying, taking pictures and meeting new people. Being a only child who had faced lots of hardship along my life was the hardest but with friends and family who supported me in my time of sorrow and need. It was already rough year starting out losing my grandmother who was my father and mother in early stages of my life. But since she is gone now, I’m understanding what to do with life as it is at the moment but for now doing things that are fun to keep me going and to just be me.


Well i started playing cosplaying actually when i first went to my first convention ever in my town of baton rouge Louisiana in 2015. There was a convention called louisianime and i went first time ever and boy did i go off and become a person i have never ever experience before in my life. Walking around the hotel,seeing all the amazing people in their outfits and cosplay of shows and games and books that i have read upon in my life, and going in my first ever dealers room and seeing all the manga, figures, cosplay, and artwork from different boots. When i went to the cosplay dealer, thats when i got my first cosplay: a full metal alchemist outfit. I was proud of myself for buying the outfit that as soon as i left out the room, someone wanted to take my picture already. i was confused and scared because it was out the blue and I wasn’t prepared at all but i still did it. Then i went and took my first cosplay selfie ever and enjoyed it to the fullest. And that’s my story of when I started cosplaying.


What I love about cosplay is that its free, anyone can cosplay, and everyone enjoys it but not just for themselves but for others as well. Cosplaying is not just a hobby, its a way of being away from what i call “false reality” meaning working in society, dealing with family issues at young ages, and going through phase in life from young to old. what i like about cosplay is the way a person feels about wearing the cosplay of their choice and just enjoying it especially when a person say ” hey nice cosplay” or ” I love your cosplay. Can I take your picture or take a picture with you?” It just sets my heart jumping in excitement doing this to please myself and other people.


Well hmm, this is a tough one but if I’m choosing, I’m choose three. They are naruto, spiderman, and my upcoming one arthur pendragon alpha from FGO. First naruto, let me tell you about why naruto. Naruto was my childhood growing up. So being able to be a ninja and in a sense, relate to him being a person who wanted to achive his dream by any means tell me this kid suffer alot in his life and throug his hard work and determination, he will get where he said he wanted to be. So that’s why Naruto is one I wanted to cosplay as. I tried killer bee and it kinda worked out alright but ehh it wasnt what i expected. My second is spiderman who is also another childhood favorite. Growing up I was in love with spiderman. From his bed sheet set to pajamas to walkie talkies, spiderman was my favorite. Being able to cosplay as spiderman is the most happiest moments of my life and I love doing it. Wearing it in public is what also me happy knowing that people (kids mostly) know who i am and just hearing my name spiderman makes me very excited and enjoy it more and find out that there are others out there who also love spiderman as must as I do. Now the last one my fate character is by far another favorite of mine. Fate is a great series in general being that its not only about people fighting with servants for a “holy grail war” but it is also history fighting each other in modern day society. Being that kind Arthur is the most op character (besides gilgamesh) that can either fight you without her armor on or with it and barely have to move Excalibur to take her foes down. That is the reason why i wanted to be a saber class king Arthur knowing that sabers do change after each war and that formal king Arthur is very classy which i loved to be sometimes.


Well for now I’m working on three new ones at the moment. They are izuru from danganronpa v3 and v2, Danzi from Bungo Stray Dogs, and Boogiepop.
I chose izuru because I have wanted to do a DR character for a long time but didnt know who. It took me a while but then I saw izuru and I was like ” yes. you are perfect. I will become you”. Izuru is basically a ultimate despair student who really hates everyone that isn’t him and breaths wrong and don follow despair. Being a guy with red eyes, long black hair, a MIB type suit, those are things i can do and will enjoy it lots. Danzi is another one I’m working on because from season one to three, he was always mysterious and very dread which I can understand (besides with the wanting to die so much). Danzi working with his smooth skill to understand situations and knowing how to deal with it with out much of a care. I’m really have fun doing him and his black trench coat. Lastly its boogiepop and that is my main go to. The show is very good for a funny name show but can get dark in a instant and I like that. A girl other self coming out to stop the imaginary or people who try to disturb the modern society reason with life try to alter it to their liking but she comes out and stop them. Plus she has a pretty cool catch phrase: “Don’t you know?, I’m Boogiepop”.

Please remember I do not own any of these pictures and the opinions in this survey belong to the interviewee

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