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Cosplayer Spotlight – Emerald Archer uk

Enjoy this epic arrow cosplayer. I know I did! And really, do not forget to show him some love by following his socials and giving him some likes! 

Hi, what can we call you?

So most people know me as Emerald Archer uk but a friend of mine also gave me the nickname otter arrow because he says I remind him of an otter due to my furry face.

Photo Cred @mangongbrandon

What is your Favorite beverage?

For me that’s always gotta be a good old cuppa tea (I know stereotype British guy) it’s good to wake you up, help you relax and I always have a cuppa by my side when I’m editing photos or building something.

Tell  us a little about yourself.

Not much to tell, I’m 21, live in the U.K. but I’ve ventured Far East and west, I’m also half Canadian on my fathers side. I hate coffee but love the smell (I know I’m strange) and to sum up I like to think of myself as a “new age gentleman” by that I mean I believe in honesty, honour and old school values of respect but I like to also put a modern edge to it by keeping an open mind to all things.

When did you start cosplaying?

I’m actually a total newbie, I attended my first con in May 2017, I was heroes and villains fan fest which just sparked a fire in me.

Why did you start cosplaying?

I had no intention to start cosplaying I just bought a suit for a one off thing to go to a convention, it was something I wanted to experience in full force but when people started asking for photos with me I just thought “ they know Stephan Amell is over there right?” But that made me feel so good about myself especially when little kids would come up and be all nervous because in their eyes I am the Green Arrow and it was just such an amazing feeling that I could never get enough of and also I’ve been reading green arrow since I was a kid and the chance to be my favourite hero just blows me away, the feeling I get from wearing my suit is indescribable.

Who are your cosplay idols?

I’m actually very happy to say I’m good friends with some of my idols such as @metahumanactivated and @thorgoldencub and they are so supportive and such good people but I think all Green Arrow cosplayers look up to @slcgreenarrow because he just brings that new life to the original image of the character and he’s also such a nice dude always so positive and upbeat.

What types of cosplay do you do?

Well I’m strictly a Green Arrow cosplayer which is no disrespect to any other hero I still love many other characters but that’s just the one that feels right and I’m keen to explore other types of suits and styles on my journey.

What are your favorite cosplays?

Well for myself I only have the one to choose from haha but all round I love any cosplay that I know were it’s from no matter the amount of detail or accuracy I think if someone has put in the effort or even just bought a suit online then I’m gonna love them for it.

What is something you want to cosplay but probably never will?

I’d actually love to do the joker which I did for Halloween a little while back but the reason I’d do it now is because my partner cosplays as Harley Quinn and she keeps asking me to do it and making sad faces when I say no haha.

Do you make, buy, or special order, your cosplays?

So the suit was originally bought online and is custom sized but over time as I’ve been cosplaying I’ve changed a lot about it. I scrapped the gloves, mask, boots and quiver I got with it and made my own versions of them from scratch (apart from my mask I just bought a higher quality one) I also built my bow and actually am in the process of building a new one to keep up with the newest season of Arrow.

What do you love about cosplay?

I love the fact that I get to stop being me and become “something else” (couldn’t resist the arrow quote sorry) I get to become my favourite hero, I get to move like they do, pose like they do and act as they do. In a sense I become the character and anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t break character because it’s like I leave me at the door and pick up the Green Arrow the second the hood goes on.

What is the most difficult thing for you about cosplay?

Practically speaking it can be a real pain to transport everything with the bow being the size it is I had to make it so it can be broken into two pieces but the quiver is all one solid piece and is really difficult to fit into a suitcase which is already full.

Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

My favorite is that green fella, you know green lantern! Haha just kidding you have no idea how many times I’ve been called that by mistake! It’s Green Arrow I was obsessed with Robin Hood as a child and when I learned about Green Arrow it just blew my mind and when I got the chance to become him it is just an incredible feeling.

If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

It’d have to be Tamriel for me (the elder scrolls games) as it just has such beautiful scenery and amazingly deep lore and history into why it looks the way it does and the races all have such a unique take on their origins. A particular favourite city of mine is Windhelm as it reminds me so much of game of thrones.

Where do you get your inspiration for your cosplays?

I get my inspiration from all around me, starting with all the incredible cosplayers out there who do similar things to me, even though we share a character and a suit there’s always a little something extra they all add to the character and I like to reflect on those and add them to my own and of course where would I be without the green arrow comics/show themselves they again all add such an amazing twist on certain aspects and all have a certain something to set them apart from the rest.

What are your “fandoms”?

Where do I begin I’m a huge fantasy fan so I love LOTR and game of thrones because they have such an incredible story telling arc and amazing monsters and characters. I’m also a huge fan of rick and morty but then who isn’t? It’s just such a funny show and so easy to sit down and watch. Star Wars is also a big contender on my list it blows me away even now when I rewatch the original trilogy. To sum up on this I of course love the CW shows such as izombie, flash, supergirl, arrow and legends.

What is something you wish beginning cosplayers knew?

Don’t be afraid to do it, don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from taking on the mantle of your favourite characters, your size, weight, gender, skin colour mean nothing in cosplay if you love a character then go for it because it’s a chance for you become something we’ve never seen before. I myself have experienced the nay sayers I mean I’m no Stephan Amell but that doesn’t stop me because at the end of the day I love what I do and it makes me happy, that’s all that matters.

What tips do you have for other cosplayers?

I think the best advice on this I can give is that EVA foam is now your best friend, you can make so many beautiful pieces from such a basic material and after a bit of practice you’re a pro it’s just so ideal for making weapons and armour that are con safe and look awesome too.

What is something you wish non-cosplayers knew?

Don’t assume to know us, we are all normal people under all this, if you have questions then please approach us and ask but one thing I do feel I need to say about this is if you see anyone in a let’s say “revealing” costume or dressed as someone who is considered to be sexy (male or female) don’t assume you can just be rude and disrespectful or handsy because it’s not okay and if I or any other cosplayers witness it’s not going to be appreciated.

What cosplays are you working on?

I’m currently working on an “island Oliver” from when we first see him in season 1 of Arrow which is a fairly simple piece but it’s gonna be a few long hours getting it to be exactly how I want it I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my cosplay.

What cosplays do you want to do if money and time were no object?

Honestly if money and time weren’t an issue I’d want to upgrade my Green Arrow suit to the max making as much as I can myself and buying what I can’t, hell I’d probably get in touch with the CW themselves haha!

Where can people find your cosplays?

Well there is both my instagram and Facebook pages where all my content get uploaded but the best place is on my instagram: (@emerald_archer_uk) barring that you’ll always find me at certain cons around the U.K. and if possible this year the USA as well so who knows but I’m never more than a DM away to ask.

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