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An End Of An Era: Star Wars

The 30 Day Star Wars Challenge

One of the first fandoms I belonged to was Star Wars. I was a huge fan as a kid when the prequels came out and I still love it.

Tonight marks the end of an era, but not the end of the universe. The last of the nine films following the Skywalker family comes out today.

In honor of this I wanted to do a whole 30 day challenge by Just Geeking By…in one day. Wish me luck!

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Character

First trilogy: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Last two trilogies: Han Solo

These were my first two heartthrobs. I started watching Star Wars about 10 years old and I was completely smitten with these two characters.

2. Sidekick


While there are amazing sidekicks, you can’t deny the awesomeness and timelessness that is R2D2. His ingenuity, sass, and dedication to his convictions are unrivaled in the Star Wars universe.

3. Movie

Episode 1

Sorry haters. Gunguns and podraces are AWESOME!

I got to see the original trilogy first, but Episode 1 was MY Star Wars as a kid. All the hype, all the newness, all the anticipation was for Episode 1.

4. Show

The Mandalorian

Honestly, one of my favorite shows of all time. No spoilers, but every aspect of this show is dedicated to mastery, building the universe, and inside jokes.

5. Game

Lego Star Wars

Cheesy, I know. But this is the Star Wars game I have logged the most time on…unless you count the collecting cards.

6. Fiction

Not sure what this means…

7. Jedi

Qui-Gon Jinn

As far as Jedi Masters go, I loved Qui-Gon. He was serious, dedicated to his work and his apprentice, and I really loved the Jedi Apprentice books and his backstory.

8. Sith

Darth Maul

I always loved that they cast a stuntman in the role of Darth Maul. And his species are just super cool.

9. Lightsaber

Mace Windu

I have never liked purple, but there was something epic about the way Samuel L. Jackson made that purple lightsaber look EPIC.

10. Empire

Grand Moff Tarkin.

Seriously, I hate that dude. He is beyond creepy. Enough said.

11. Rebellion

General Leia Organa

I could have put her in about eight different categories, but I decided this was the best spot for her.

General Leia was always brave. She rarely whined (unlike her brother). She knew who she was independent of family ties and she knew what her convictions were and she was relentless.

12. Hero

Han Solo

He was my hero…to the last. Once he commits, he is there no matter what. He starts selfish, but once he finds people who care about him and that he cares about, he is unswervingly loyal.

Yes, I cried for DAYS after Episode 7.

13. Villain


Yes, he is a villain and will aways be a villain for me. He is my favorite villain be case he has the best theme music. And breathing. That is all.


14. Leader


She was the female leader of the rebel alliance in the original movies. I wanted to put Leia here as well, but instead I decided to put one of her greatest mentors.

15. Squadron

Gun Gun Military

Sorry, not sorry. I love them. They are tough, scrappy, and hilarious.

16. Organisation


There was no greater organization than the Jedi. I used to daydream about being raised in the Jedi temple and training every day to use a lightsaber and The Force… I had the Jedi code memorized. I wanted to be a Jedi.

17. Relationship

Leia and Han

Even though in the end they were not together, their undying love for each other never wavered. Han sacrificed himself because he wanted to bring her something he couldn’t do in life.

And who doesn’t love the early banter between the “scruffy-looking nerve herder” and “her royal highness”?

18. Weapon


A most elegant weapon. Brought to you in any number of colors and designs. One day I will own one.

19. Planet


Seriously, I want to live on Naboo. The lakes, the rolling hills, the gorgeous architecture. I love it all.

20. Place

Jedi Temple

But just kidding. I really want to live in the Jedi temple, pursuing a life of dedication to peace and the force.

21. Humanoid

This one proved impossible to answer. I just have so many humanoids I love! Most of the Jedi council were humanoid. Jango and Boba Fett. A good number of the Jedi. The Mandalorians. I seriously could go on and on.

22. Alien

Jar Jar Binks

Hands down. My favorite alien of all time. He was sweet and completely without malice…but a complete klutz (which I greatly identify with).

And who knows, maybe he was a Sith Lord who was behind the whole thing.

23. Creature

Ewok or Porg

I can’t choose. Ewoks are the original cute (even if they do eat humans). But Porgs are just hilariously adorable!

24. Ship

Millennium Falcon

This ship had my heart almost as much as it’s owner. I had a massive toy version as a kid and spend HOURS playing with it.

25. Battle

The Battle of Endor

This answer actually surprised me. But as I thought about it, it makes sense. It was the final battle of Darth Vader and the Emperor.

And it had Ewoks.

26. Minor Character

Shmi Skywalker

I love her. So much. Her selfless love for her son knew no bounds. I love to think that everything General Organa was she got from her Mother Padme and Grandmother Shmi.

27. Merchandise

Oh man…too much to decide. I love everything I have and I want it ALL!!!

28. Costume

Oh come on…All of them?

Seriously, one of the reasons I haven’t cosplayed more Star Wars is because I am intimidated by the costumes. They are AMAZING.

29. Scene

I can’t pick one.

Can’t do it.

Ok, I lied. The last hug between Han and General Leia.

I’m still crying.

30. Your Choice

Baby Yoda!!!!

I love him! So much!!! I can’t express how much I love that green little alien baby!

I hope you enjoyed my opinions. These are just my opinions and I’m not affiliated with this franchise in any way. Feel free to disagree with me.

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