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Even Princesses Wear Masks

Once upon a time…

There was a year…

A terrible year…

A dark year…

The year…2020.

But out of that Darkness rose hero’s. Heros wearing masks. They had been wearing masks for years working with sick people.

But now all the world rises to the level of a hero. They all wear masks.

Even the princesses wear masks.

Anna wears a mask.

Elsa wears a mask.

Merida wears a mask.

Belle wears a mask.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) wears a mask.

Jasmine wears a mask.

Ariel wears a mask.

Moana wears a mask.

Mulan wears a mask.

Rapunzel wears a mask.

Snow White wears a mask.

Cinderella wears a mask.

Be like the princesses.

Be a hero.

Wear a mask.

All masks in this article are by Shakespeare’s Workshop. Click here to visit. (Only $15 each!)

Want to submit a masked princess picture? Message me on Instagram!

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