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Everyday Cosplay – Gabrielle Season 1

This character is one I really relate to. I’ve been wanting to do a full cosplay for her but the fabrics for her outfits are very specific and the details are significant.

So while my real cosplays are in the works, I decided to throw together an “Everyday Cosplay” of Gabrielle from Season 1.

The important parts of this outfit is the Peasant style Blue shirt and the dark brown skirt. There is also the sash and (when not in public) the fighting staff.

Peasant Top

Here I went with one that has loose sleeves and it is a brighter blue than the original. However, it still stays within a similar neckline and similar veins as the original.


The skirt is a dark brown. This is similar to the skirt Gabrielle wears, but like the shirt it is a deeper shade and more vibrant. This makes it work better because the whole outfit has been simplified, darkened, and brightened.


I have had these lace up brown boots for years. I have to keep re-gluing them because the top of the boot is coming apart from the sole. They have limited time left and it makes me so sad!


I used a neck scarf for a sash because it was in my closet. I really didn’t like the way it fit, but it worked for spur-of-the-moment pictures.


Instead of a fighting staff, I used a wood walking stick that was lying around my house. I regularly pretend it is a fight staff, so it worked perfectly.

While this Everyday Cosplay is mostly loosely based on her outfit, I like it because no one realizes I’m in cosplay.

Statements are my opinions and not necessarily fact. I hope you enjoyed it.


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