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Everyday Cosplay – Han Solo

I had a party to attend and I couldn’t decide what to wear. So I decided to go with a subtle cosplay. I’ve been carrying my chewbacca bag, so I decided to try my first heart throb, Han Solo.

White T-shirt

Any white shirt will work. I decided to use one with a full sleeve instead of my usual cap sleeve because I felt it matched the aesthetic better.

Any shirt, cream all the way to tan, would work.


I used capris, but pretty much everyone has at least one pair of jeans hanging around. You can also us black pants as well.

Blue/Black Vest

The vest I used was a birthday present to me when I was about 10. This should be a testament to how long I keep clothes.

You can use a black vest as well. I had a secondary vest, but it was a button up and I didn’t like it as well.

Oversized Black Belt

This was the belt I originally bought for my Rey crossover cosplay, so it was really big. I threaded it through two belt loops and let the other side hang down.

This was the only part of the outfit that was any different than normal day wear.

Chewbacca bag

I got this on super deal on Ebay. I originally used it for my Chewbacca casual cosplay. My brother commented it was creepy that Han had turned Chewbacca into a bag, but I assured him I just stole Chewbacca’s BAG, not his hide.

Do you like this cosplay? Do you have suggestions on how I can improve it? Have you ever gone out in public as Han Solo?

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