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Everyday Cosplay – Ruby Lucas (Little Red Riding Hood)

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

I planned this costume last minute because I needed something comfortable to wear for driving to the convention. But I also wanted a costume to be able to wear to Karaoke that night and for the first day of the con. It’s funny how fast going as a “mundane” has become completely unpalatable for me.

Base Costume

I am just going with the basic jeans and white shirt for this one. I will probably be wearing my usual undershirt with a more flowy white overlay.

Over Costume

I had a red and white plaid shirt already and, of course, several pair of black boots to choose from. So the last thing to do was polish up the details.



I was trying to figure out how to make this outfit look less “Hi, I just rolled out of bed.” and more “Hi, I’m Ruby Lucas.” when I realized Ruby has red peekaboo highlights in her hair. I have always loved clip in highlights so I jumped on Amazon and got 10 for quite affordable.


Ruby doesn’t wear her signature bright red lipstick in this outfit…but I thought having that and a heavier top liner would help the effect (most people don’t walk around in plaid and BRIGHT red lipstick).

So there you have it!

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