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Everyday Cosplay – Sheldon Cooper

In honor of today being the air date of the last Big Bang Theory episode ever, I figured I would honor it by posting one of my favorite Everyday Cosplays.

I fought for years against watching the Big Bang Theory. I finally caved one day while I was home sick. I was studying communications at the time and Amy Farrah Fowler made several jokes during the episode that made me feel smart…so I watch another one…and another one…

And now I am hooked.

Before I even started watching, my sister told me I was a non-science version of Sheldon. I took it as a complement and ran with it.

Everyday Sheldon is super easy. All you really need is a pair of slacks, a long or 3/4 sleeve solid color undershirt, and a superhero graphic tee.

I added the One Ring as an accessory because I love that episode so much.

I don’t know about you, but I am going to be so sad at this end of an era. This show was a major part of bringing geek culture into the norm.

Are you going to be sad about the ending of Big Bang Theory?

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