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Everyday Cosplay – Yes, Another Hufflepuff

I love to play with the Hufflepuff theme…And today is no exception.

I rarely go into public anymore. Between working from home, blogging and writing I take a lot of vitamin D and don’t venture outside. One of my few regular jonts outside is my weekly church meetings.

I take advantage of these opportunities to play with my “Inspired by” outfits. Check out how I threw together.

How To Hufflepuff


I used my tights from the Hufflepunk outfit as the base for this outfit.

I ordered the leggings off Amazon. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I got them right away.

Here is the link to where I got them:

Black Cap Sleeve

I decided to go with a black cap sleeve shirt instead of the yellow because I wanted a more subtle aproach.

I always wear a cap sleeve t-shirt under my cosplays for modesty purposes. The prices fluctuate on these significantly so be sure to do your homework.

This is the one I have purchased:
Modbod Modest Layering Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Shirt – Extra Length (Large, Black)

Here are a few other (sometimes cheaper) versions:

Fashion Women’s Slim Tops Cap Sleeve Casual Modal Solid Tee shirt Blouse

Button up

Again, going with the subtle approach, I decided to go with a cream button up instead of a white one. I got this one on sale at JC Penny.


A grey skirt is a regularly recurring theme in my Hufflepuff outfits. I have several of them and rotate them out.


The finishing touch is the Hufflepuff tie and socks.

If you get the tie without the crest it is a lot cheaper. You can always purchase a crest separately. Here are a few links:

Click here to see these on Amazon with Crest
Click here to see these on ebay
Click here to see these on AliExpress with Crest
Click here to see it on eBay with Crest

I would love to see your everyday Harry Potter clothes!

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