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The Explosion of Virtual Cons

Art by Ryan Callahan

March 13, I thought I had a brilliant, unique idea. I saw a need. Due to all the physical conventions shutting down a lot of my Vendor friends were seeing a drastic drop in their expected income for the year. I knew there was money there, but they didn’t have an organized way to access it.

I met NotPennysCosplay in a group when she posted about wanting to start an online con for people to show off the cosplays they had worked so hard on. I wanted to have a con for vendors, so it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Friday, March 13, Cancellation Con 2020 was born.

Mascot Cancel-Chan Art by Ryan Callahan

Oddly enough over the last two weeks I’ve discovered we were not the only ones who had that epiphany that night. There were a half dozen virtual cons being planned that weekend as well. I have had the chance to talk to a lot of them and have met some amazing people.

There are a few different kinds of online events happening. Some are date specific, others are ongoing. I’m going to talk about the ones I know about here.

Date Specific cons

These cons are being held at specific times, just like real cons.

Cancellation Con April 3-5

Has your favorite comic con been canceled? Are you stuck at home from work or school? Did you slave over a cosplay that you now have nowhere to wear? Well this is the convention for you!

Our mission is to create a 3-day online event where the cosplay and convention community takes over the internet and comes together to offer each other support and have fun during these confusing times.

Beginning April 3 at 12am the Facebook page will be open to all cosplayers who want to post their creations. Let us know where you were planning on wearing your costume and anything other details you’d like to share about it. We would like to recognize the lost cosplays of the Corona Virus! Be kind, geek out with each other, and have fun! We are even planning a fun cosplay contest, more details coming soon!

Website Facebook Instagram Discord

Virtual Vendor Fest March 28 10am – 3pm

With so many craft fairs and vendor events being cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are taking our event online!

Kids at home? Can’t get out to go shopping? We’ve brought the fun to you!

We will have giveaways, vendor sales, special deals, and fun! You will get to know the artists/vendors, see their products here in our DISCUSSION tab during the event, and it will give you a break from your social distancing!


ConFromHome March 28-29

If you are looking for a real, immersive con experience, this is the place to be. Throw on your cosplay and boot up your video cam because this con is all about what makes cons special. The opportunity to interact, wander between panels, lobby, individual vendor rooms, and back, admire awesome cosplays.

ConFromHome is utilizing moderated video streams to create the most real con feel possible.

“COVID-19 has induced a quarantine causing the cancellation of multiple fan conventions around the world; leaving labor open, guest schedules open, and fans thirsting for content.

We’re trying to make it as social as possible and grassroots. This is not a for-profit effort.

Social distancing doesn’t have to negate social interaction with multiple tracks, guests, and cosplay related content with a focus on social type content.”

Website Facebook instagram Twitter

Covid Con 2020 April 25-26

“Con for the Quarantined” Already has an impressive lineup of guests.

Facebook Twitch

St. Louis Online Cosplay Con May 16

“2020 con scene got you down? Join us, with an online convention: run by fans, for fans! Experience panels, cosplaying, an online masquerade, vendors and more. Come see what Curvy Kitty Cosplay, Mouzycat Cosplay Photographer, and YomuChan have cooked up to get you through this viral con crud! With us as Emcees extraordinaire are Jake “Fandom Father” Bushey and Keenan “Black Blizzard, Dude LVL 92″ Sargent.”


SecludCon 2020 May 2

“An online convention coming to an internet connection near you!

Because of all the conventions that have had to cancel, this convention hopes to fill that void using an online method. We will have panels, costume contest, a dealers room, and hopefully more!
-More details coming soon-”

Not a whole lot of information on this one yet, but definitely something to watch!

Website Facebook

Ongoing Cons

These cons provide a place for people to interact all the time. These have much less structure and are more communities.

Comigram 2020

Comigram happened last weekend. It was a really fun experience, and it gave me insight into how an online con could work.

They are leaving their forums open for their community to stick together and are currently planning an event for Free Comic Book Day.

Instagram Discord

Virtual Artist’s Alley

“This group has been created to help artists and shoppers connect as conventions are being canceled all around the world.”

Facebook Instagram Twitter

Covid Con

“Welcome to COVID Con 2020! Our first completely ONLINE virtual convention. All artist, vendors and attendees are welcome! FREE OF CHARGE!!!

This is an ongoing online convention held on Discord dedicated to keeping everybody together during this flu season. The convention will end when people are allowed to gather once again in person! We will have various panels, events and streaming happening on the discord channel. Feel free to join us and please please please, SHARE THE LINK WITH EVERYBODY!!!!”

Discord Facebook

Concellation 2020

More of a parody community, it is by far the fastest growing online con community I’ve found. And for good reason!

“The SF&F con that’s always canceled. Celebrate the con that never was – cancelled before it was even announced, Concellation 2020 is the event you wish you could have pre-opposed!”


And so…

The online Con community has really come together! I love being part of a community that cares so much about each other.

Please let me know if I’ve missed anyone. I will be updating this page regularly!

I am only affiliated with Cancellation Con, I am just friends or a supporter of the others. I can’t control what happens when you click a link that takes you away from my site. 

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