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One Hour Personal Online Sewing Class Giveaway and First Cosplay “Fan Favorite” Competition

Welcome to’s First Online “Fan Favorite” Cosplay Contest, sponsored by Cosplay Sewing School.


Giveaway Prize!

Cosplay Sewing School has generously provided us with a Grand Prize. One hour of one-on-one sewing Lessons with the amazing Ariana Bauer!

This prize is not based on number of likes. It will be given away to one random entry! If you enter on Facebook and Instagram you can have 2 submissions.

Digital Certificates

The top three submissions with the most combined likes from Facebook and Instagram will be awarded a digital certificate celebrating their win.

Feature In Blog Post

Again, everyone gets featured in the contest blog post. The order that people appear in the post will depend on the number of likes they get, so vote for your favorites!

Post shoutout and Story Shoutout

Everyone, that’s right EVERYONE, gets this prize! After all, a cosplay competition is really all about showcasing the cosplays, right?

What is a “Fan Favorite” Cosplay Competition?

Simply put, I am taking out the part of cosplay competitions I don’t like, the judging.

This cosplay competition is all about showcasing your awesome talent. Letting everyone see the awesomeness that is you! But without judging, how do we decide who gets the awesome prizes?

Well, mostly I’m letting the fans decide.

Entry Rules:

You may submit twice, once on Instagram and once on Facebook. Your likes from both places will be combined into a total score (so be sure to use the same photo and text on both entries).

To apply on Facebook click here

To apply on Instagram click here

1. Follow:

When submitting on Instagram follow @Isoriversauthor and @ArianaBauer

When submitting on Facebook like @cosplayideasblog and Cosplay Sewing School

2. Post the photo of the cosplay you want to submit with:

Hashtag #CosplayIdeas1100 and tag @isoriversauthor

Answer the question “Why do youlove cosplay?”

Include this text at the bottom and this photo as the second picture.


Entries Open June 6th. Entries close June 13th.

You may submit entries any time during this time.

Voting cycle begins June 14th. Ends June 21.

During this time I will be posting the photos and you have a week to promote any way you like.

Winners announced in blog post June 27th.

We will be announcing the winners on Instagram and Facebook as well, but keep an eye here to find out early.

Terms and eligibility requirements:

Please only submit photos you have permission to post and give to repost. Photographer permission requested for professional photos.

By submitting and tagging me in the photo you are giving permission to use your photo and words on our website.

Family friendly cosplays please.

This competition is open to entries from all countries, but written submissions must be in English.

These terms my be changed without notice as we see fit. It is up to individuals to check for updates.

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