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First Friday – Harry Potter

Better late than never! The same weekend as Wizard World I also had the opportunity to go to the Harry Potter themed First Friday at the St. Louis Science Center.

It was a blast! There were a ton of Hogwarts students, young and old, in attendance. And, as usual, there was a ton of handmade, fabulous items and I wanted them all.

One of the coolest handmade items was by the Antiquarian Couture (Facebook Instagram), an awesome steampunk snitch! You should check it out on his Instagram.

One of thr first people I met was artist Jeffrey Johnson (Red Herring Illustration Life with Girls Instagram). I absolutely adored the picture of his enthusiastic little Hufflepuff. We had a great conversation and then I finally let him talk to a few other people.

Another person I loved seeing was Chris’s Fine Wood & Laser Engraving (Esty). His work is absolutely gorgeous.

Another cool person I chatted with was Jolie, a helper for Hand Painted Nerd (Instagram Etsy Facebook). The mugs I featured in my review of Wizard World, but they featured a lot of Harry Potter specific options at the Science Center. Her shirt was also by More Me Know (see below).

Another awesome creator I recognized from last month was Alexandra Geektique (Facebook Esty) I’m a huge fan of their Whovian collection, but they have some awesome Harry Potter stuff too.

One of the more unique things I saw all evening was the fabric designs by More Me Know (Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest). She has the coolest designs that are exclusive to her. Once she designs the patterns to go on the fabric, then she makes everything from clothes to purses and more with it. I really loved her Whovian stuff and her Harry Potter is epic as well.

Another awesome creative I didn’t get a picture with, but I love to see is Jabberwock Emporium. (Insta Facebook Etsy Twitter Pinterest) One day I will get one of their handmade wands….though their bowtruckles were quite tempting as well.

I didn’t dare get one of them because I’d already accidentally left my Bowtruckle, Treacle, at home after I promised he could cosplay Pickett at Wizard World. I’m fairly certain if I’d brought him home a sibling it would not have ended well.

If you follow my social media, you’ll have already seen by Whovian acquisition from. Ally’s Geekery Facebook Instagram Twitter Pinterest Etsy a super cool Dalek lanyard! I’ve used it a lot and I love it.

Another awesome creation I saw were the side bags by Arch City Crafts Facebook. I thought I got a picture and I can’t find it. Hopefully I’ll see them at another First Friday.

One of the highlights of my evening was having my first taste of…Butter Beer!!! It was really good, and about the time I got that, my friend Christine came! We relaxed and I enjoyed catching up and drinking my Butter Beer.

We wandered the con and I showed her some of the vendors I saw earlier. True to our form, we got lost. We wandered around and tried to find the cosplay competition…and we found two new friends instead!

We had a full set of houses, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff. We had a great time ranting about all things Harry Potter.

Christine impressed our new friends with her extensive knowledge of Gallifreyan. She wrote each of their names in Gallifreyan which was really cool.

One of the best things about First Fridays is meeting really cool people who like the same thinga I do.

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  1. Christine April 21, 2019

    Is this just going to be a thing now? We meet up every first Friday, we get lost, and then we make some random new discovery plus Gallifreyan?

    Goodness, I hope so.

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