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Five Things Beginning Cosplayers Should Know: About Cons

Con season has begun! Whether you are an experienced con goer or are thinking about jumping into the con scene this year, here are some great things everyone should know.

All this information is based on the Cosplayer Spotlights found on this blog. After interviewing over 350 cosplayers, here are the top five suggestions they had about cons.

1. Stay Hydrated

This is the most common one I’ve seen as a problem with experienced cosplayers. One of my first cons a panelist nearly passed out.

“…When it comes to attending cons, drink lots of fluids you will dehydrate rapidly even on cooler days and eat to keep your energy levels up and above all be nice to everyone you meet.” – MASH UP COSPLAY UK

So many people eat and drink things con weekend that aren’t on their normal diet. That can make dehydration easier. It can really mess up your weekend so please, pack a waterbottle.

2. Take a Con Kit

“My only two bits of advice so far are: 1- If you’re going to a convention in cosplay, TRY to incorporate a backpack/purse/bag into your cosplay…you’re gonna need water and somewhere to keep your phone. …” Laralestrange.cosplay

Some specific items that cosplayers recommended are:

“…safety pins, glue, needle and thread, a spare pot of black and white face paint and a brush, tape, hair pins etc. …headache tablets and glucose tablets and isotonic tablets or drinks…” – Heidi Eagling

“…Always bring a charger for your phone or camera because you will never have enough battery for the entire convention day.” – SHANNON FROM DIAMONDS AND DYNAMITE COSPLAY

“…safety pins, needle/thread, hot glue gun etc…” – SNAILEDITCOSPLAY

“needles, threads with matching colors of your cosplay, safety pins and pieces of velcro.” – CINNAMON ANNIE

“…aspirin, bandaids, eyedrops, super glue, some mints, a small sewing kit for emergency rips…” – MIDNIGHT SKY COSPLAY

If you have any there suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

3. Do your research AND PLAN ahead

“try to have seasonal/weather appropriate variants if your character allows. Let me tell you something, wearing cashmere/wool blend frock coat in summer Memphis heat isn’t as fun or easy as I make it look.” – JAMION MCNEIL

A very good point. Plan for weather. Not only is this important for your health, you can really mess up a cosplay if you get caught in a rainstorm.

“Read entry regulations for your weapons before attending the convention. Some materials are not suitable and it will be confiscated at the door.” – ANPANMAN_COS

This is a big one. My next con is at a high school, no weapons allowed. This is important to know before you start planning your cosplay because weapons can be very important. For instance, at Fox Con I will be the 13th Doctor with my sonic instead of Neesa with all her scalemail and polypropylene swords and knives.

4. Make a packing list

“When packing for a convention also make a list of items so you know exactly what you need to bring and not forget anything.” – Neko

This is HUGE. I can’t tell you the number of times I have forgotten a prop or piece that I meant to bring. Treacle the Bowtruckle still hasn’t forgiven me for forgetting to take him to Wizard World last year.

5. Practice being in CHARACTER

“…Watch the movie or series the night before con to remember quotes. It adds to your character your cosplay could be terrible but so long as you can act it changes peoples perspectives of you. …” – THE SEEKER

I rarely act in character when I cosplay, but I always listen to the soundtrack of whomever I am cosplaying on the way to the con. It just gets me in the mood. I really love the idea of watching the character right before going.

Those are a few suggestions for things to know before going to a convention.

Do you have other suggestions?  Leave a comment!

These are just my opinions. I’m not affiliated with any of the mentioned entities.

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