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Fox Con 2020 – TinyTen’s First Con Review

Today I will be turning the con review to TinyTen. He really enjoyed his first con and meeting everyone, so I thought I’d give him a chance to tell everyone about it. If you want to follow his adventures, go to his Instagram.

Hello everyone! My name is TinyTen. Also known as The Tiny Tenth Doctor. I spend my whole life traveling in my T.A.R.D.I.S. and going on adventures.

Saturday I went to the third Fox Con. While it wasn’t like the convention I went to in 2317 on Alpha Centauri, for a convention at a high school it was very impressive.

I landed with my girl, Iso, and started setting up a table with free candy. She had a few of my Baby Yoda friends from ReaLifePrincessMom ready for adoption. She also had a few books for sale and one for give away.

Iso introduced me to her friends in the STL RWBY huntsman group. They were pretty cool people who helped watch the booth and Baby Yoda buddies.

I helped Iso and her friend, VampyrVixen, present two presentations.

The first one was on Cosplay Tips andTricks and the second was The Most Difficult Thing About Cosplay.

After they were done presenting, I got to meet some pretty cool people.

This is the talented Kristen Turner of Uffda Ta Da! Facebook Instagram she makes clever mugs and other geeky things.

This cool crew hunts ghosts. Not sure I believe in ghosts, but they sure do. Instagram Facebook

This very nice lady has been mentioned on this blog a few times with her creative wands and art with Jabberwock Emporium Facebook Instagram.

And I was quite excited to get MY OWN TINYTEN SIZE WAND! Now if Iso would get me a TinyTen size sonic Screwdriver…

My girls Iso and VampyrVixen Facebook Instagram judged the cosplay competition, run by representatives from Archon Facebook.

I didn’t get a picture with her, but Iso’s talented friend Everything’s Shiny Creations Facebook Instagram was there selling her amazing jewelry as well.

This writer has some amazing books Instagram Facebook. Seriously, what is better than pirates and lazy vampires in underwear? You just have to take a look.

This Blues Wonder Woman is part of Gateway Superfriends Facebook. A group that volunteers with a lot of organizations and hospitals. Giving back is important.

At the end of the day, I finally got to meet the amazing educator who coordinates this event every year so her students feel accepted.

Smaller conventions are a lot of fun, and there still wasn’t time to see everything that was going on. I didn’t even mention the escape room, gaming rooms, or all the other things I didn’t have time to see.

Congratulations to these amazing teachers and students for a wonderful con!

Thanks to Lindsey Smith for inviting me to be part of this con. Thanks to everyone who took pictures with TinyTen and who submitted their names into my drawing. I have decided to select TWO winners of my book, Sacrifice! Winners will be announced on my Instagram later today!

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