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Geek (un)Style – Pikachu and How to Find Cheap Merch

So this is going to be a short post, but I wanted to pay tribute to the cute Pikachu, and throw out an opinion.

Pikachu “Warmies”

So I love wearing my Pikachu Hood and pocket combo. It is soft and fuzzy and absolutely cute!!! And even better, I got it on deep sale! Everyone loves it and thanks to Pokemon Go! It is super recognizable.

Search the Sales

I love merchandise or “merch”. I love it. I’m addicted to it. I love wearing it in massive proportions and looking like a crazy fan.

Unfortunately, my wallet hates merch. Merch, especially handmade or officially licensed stuff, is generally very expensive. I have 3 tips for you to get your merch as cheap as possible.

Know your stores

What stores sell the stuff you love? Stores could be physical, brick and more stores or online stores. I some of the stored I love are Box Lunch, Hot Topic (of course), and

Some stores have more of one fandom than another. So know where you can find your stuff. Dream! Plan!

Know what the stuff you want is worth

Speaking of planning, to make sure you know what the items are actually worth. This will keep you from spending too much in a gimmick “sale”. There is nothing worse than buying something and 3 months later finding it for half what you bought it for.

Be patient

And last tip, be patient. Make a habit of quickly pursuing stores and websites to check prices and sales. Be careful that you don’t get caught in a massive spending spree. I’ve done it way too may times. Check yourself to be sure it is really something you want and that the price is worth it.

One last thing

You can get some amazing handmade stuff that does NOT break copyright laws. There ways to pay tribute to a fandom properly. Sometimes you can get stuff cheaper that isn’t licensed. Everyone I know is guilty of this at one point or another. Please do not purchase stuff that breaks copyright. It might be cheaper, but generally it is cheap stuff and it doesn’t support the fandoms we all claim to love.

These are strictly my opinions. No stores or franchises mentioned endorse me, I just love them. 

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