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Halloween – The Gateway To Cosplay

Halloween has always been a favorite day of mine. From the time I was old enough to take a stand and plan my own costumes, it was a year long affair.

Rarely did I ever go as any of the elaborate schemes that surfaced through the year. But that didn’t seem to matter to me as I look back.

It was the anticipation. The planning. The fact that I could play dress up in public! Not to mention it was the one day I was allowed real refined white sugar as a child.

I spent my whole life around costumes, I had exposure to costume construction in college. I loved dressing up, gross and gory makeup, and being someone else.

Now, I do this pretty much constantly. If I’m not actually cosplaying (generally at least once a month) then I’m wearing my Everyday Cosplays, planning cosplays, or thinking about cosplay.

As a result, Halloween has kind of taken a backseat for me now. I don’t have kids of my own and Halloween parties now mostly fall on the Saturday before.

Halloween 2008

I’m left, sitting here writing this, wondering which of my dozens of cosplays is warm enough to wear running around town today. Because I HAVE to dress up.

In college, one Halloween one of my theater teachers remarked that he didn’t dress up because Halloween was the holiday for people who WANTED to do what he did all year round.

I didn’t understand him at the time, still in my obsessive, plan for months in advance phase. I couldn’t understand why you wouldn’t want to dress up.

Halloween 2009. 10 years ago.

I understand now. Cosplay is my lifestyle. While I still try to dress up for Halloween, it isn’t a big deal anymore if I just admire other people’s efforts.

Halloween was my gateway to cosplay, so the novelty isn’t as strong anymore. But that doesn’t make it any less special.

What is your best Halloween memory?

All thoughts and feelings are simply my opinions and memories and may not be rooted in any fact. I am not officially affiliated with Halloween.

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