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I dreamed of Cosplaying…

Save Time, Save Money, Look EPIC!

I have always wanted to try cosplaying, but the answer was always the same. No money for the pricey costumes, no time for the DIY stuff, and I didn’t want to look cheap and stupid. So I didn’t do it.

But I stalked cosplay sites, I dreamed of cosplay, and I wished to be part of that world.

Then one day my brother announced he was to be married, and the reception would be Lord of the Rings themed. They wanted all family members to dress up. I had a really good excuse, I HAD to cosplay. But I still didn’t have time or money, and there was no way I was going to my brother’s wedding in a cheap-looking costume.

What resulted was a beautiful thing. I researched characters, then searched for pieces online that looked like the main elements of the costume. Then I searched for them cheaper, and cheaper.

You can see the full tutorial here.

Before my brother’s wedding, I attended Salt lake comic con as a test run for my costume. You can read about the whole story of my first con here.  But long story short, I felt like I found somewhere where my quirks were normal. And, guess what, they liked my costume!

After my brother’s wedding I came home and started looking at more cosplays and more ideas… people have started asking me to find costumes. And I am good at it.

I still don’t have time, or a lot of money, but I am cosplaying.

Are my costumes professional quality? Nah, but they are pretty awesome. And I have a lot of fun showing them off.

I realized, other people probably believe they don’t have the time or money to cosplay too. They need to know it’s not that hard or expensive.

So if you are one of those weird quirky people who never grew out of using your imagination and playing dress up, WELCOME! Join my mailing list, connect with me on Twitter or Facebook and introduce yourself!

Look around, if you see something that helps you, let me know!

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