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My letter to Santa: Geeky things I’d love for Christmas

The following is an open letter to Santa Claus. I am writing it this way because..well I explain in the letter. I’ve included my Christmas wishlist (obviously). Some of these items are affiliate links (I get a small kickback if people buy them, at no cost to you guys) and some aren’t. But all of them are pulled from my personal wishlists.

Dear Santa,

I know this isn’t the conventional way to write to you, but (as you know) this is my first letter to you. I’ve heard of several different methods for having letters delivered to you, but was unsure about the official means to write. I figured this was the most likely way for you to be sure to receive my letter.

I’m also keenly aware that I am writing my first letter to Santa at 31 years old. As with most things in life, I am doing this very backward. But I have a very good reason for not writing you until now.

You see, Santa, I was never taught to believe in you. I was taught to believe in the Christmas spirit. I was raised to believe in the spirit of giving. I was instructed to pretend to be you to make others happy. But never did I get to believe in the mystical and magical person of Santa Claus.

I never felt gyped as a child. I didn’t know any better. But the older I get, the more I have realized something.

A belief in magic is a wonderful and powerful thing.

I’ve always believed in magic, Santa. I genuinely do. Sometimes that magic takes on different forms and names but it is always there.

I have talked to my friends. Older ones, people who I trust. There, in a special spot in their hearts, is you Santa. Red suit, big white beard, and all. Sure they don’t talk about you all the time, but you are still there. A special part of them. A part that brings out the best of their childlike wonder, kindness, and faith.

I’ve thought a lot about this, Mr. Claus, and those are things I want too. I think the world needs more magic. The world needs more wonder. The world absolutely needs kindness. And I, for one, need more faith.

And because of that, I am writing my very first letter to Santa Claus. To let you know I believe in you.

So, Dear Santa, here are a few things I would absolutely LOVE for Christmas.

P.S. A lot of these things are made by friends of mine. Good artists who could use the support this time of year. I figured with the short notice your elves might need a break.

Smudge sculpture by Art by David Lee Pancake – $35.00

Smidge’s little brother. 3″x4.5″x2″

See that 21 foot 4th Doctor scarf hanging over the backdrop? It’s $100 and I want it.

I would REALLY love a Hufflepuff half size tote from

I would love a dragon Plushie from Seifer Noir here

Speaking of baby dragon plushies, I’d love one of these from Lemon Penguin

Also, these house cups are FABULOUS from Hand Painted Nerd

I would love anything from Tribble Totes, but this one is super cool for $65

Again, anything from Pesceffects would be amazing, but this $50 bounty print is awesome

Anything, well anything I don’t already have, from Arleana Holtzmann.

Website Facebook Instagram

As well as anything from Antiquarian Couture  (50% percent off with code ISORIVERS)

5mm Kissing Lips Metal Punch Design – US $12.00

Star Trek COSplay Starfleet Captain Badge Combadge Rank Pip Pin Insignia Brooch – US $7.50

Star Trek Voyager Commander Captain Zipper Sweatshirt Costume Men Hoodie Jacket – US $21.14

Doctor Who 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver LED Flashlight – US $9.23

Stranger Things Dustin Replica Hat Mesh Trucker Cap Cosplay Costumes Adjustable – US $4.18

New York Knicks New Era Black The League 9Forty Adjustable Dad Hat – US $20.69

Star Trek T-Shirt – Short Sleeve – US $9.95

Doctor Who SuperBitz 11th Doctor Plush Figure NEW IN STOCK – US $13.99

Star Wars Episode 1 – Plush Jar Jar Binks 13″ plush – Applause – US $13.99

SCS Direct Doctor Who 3-Pack – Includes Tardis and 10th and 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Flashlights – Collectible Dr. Who Key Chains – $17.99

seven20 SW10408 Superbitz Star Wars Leia Collectible Plush, 4.5″ – $9.99

seven20 Superbitz Star Wars Han Solo (Cream Jacket) Collectible Plush – $7.99

seven20 Superbitz Star Wars Chewbacca (Chewie) with Goggles Collectible Plush, 4.5″ – $10.99

Hallmark itty bittys Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Stuffed Animal Itty Bittys Movies & TV; Sci-Fi – $6.01 + $4.09 shipping

Hallmark itty bittys Chewbacca Stuffed Animal Itty Bittys Back to School Sci-Fi – $14.95

HMK itty bittys Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine, Special Edition – $19.50

Itty Bittys Hallmark Star Trek: The Next Generation Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge Limited Edition – $7.13

Hallmark itty bittys Star Wars Stuffed Animal Collector Set – $36.38

Fruit of the Loom Ringer Tee – 9 colours – Sizes S to 2XL – Red/White – XL – $7.95


Yoga Pants Fisherman Trousers Day-to-day Relaxation Wear Around the House Plus Size Color Solid Olive – $11.90

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