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Why I Love Small Cons – A Fox Con Review

I hear it all the time. “I thought about going to that con, but I heard it wasn’t worth it.” And when I hear this I think, “What does that even mean?”

Some cons I’ve been to are huge, some are tiny. Some have a lot of events and some have a lot of famous people. Some have a lot of programing, some have well run cosplay contests. People loves cons for lots of different reasons.

What makes a con valuable to you?

From my first con, I have been very clear what makes a con valuable to me. If you are new, need a reminder, or want to hear about a great little con, read on.


This con is unique because it was put together, sponsored, and run by a high school.

The organizers were two teachers. The “worker bees” were students. The people who showed up to vend and present were people who love being involved in the geek community.


I finally got a pic with The Fandom Father

I really want to give a huge shout out to the organizers of this convention.

I don’t want to praise them for great organization and smooth (from my point of view) running. Though the con did run smoothly and seemed to be very well organized.

I don’t want to praise them for brilliant communication when the weather threatened for days before to shut down the whole project. They were wonderful about keeping us all updated.

Nor will I praise them for being present, cheerful, and available during the convention. Even though this is all true.

I want to give them a shout out for being so supportive and putting this together for their students to introduce them to geek culture. Events like this can help students realize that even if they are “weird” there is a place that they will fit in.

Small panels

Lucas found Kuszco and Pacha!

The panel attendance was quite small, but it gave me a chance to connect to the attendee and answer specific questions.

Those of you who read the pre-con article know I was really excited about my first panels. The writing panel went really well. I am thinking of submitting the panel to a few other local cons. And Cosplay Sewing School and I are planning on at least one reprise at Archon this year!


My new buddy, Spartan 923

Some pretty fabulous cosplayera took advantage of the free con to warm up for the upcoming con season.

The 501st Legion showed up. I’m a HUGE fan of the 501st and the dedication they have to their craft. I got selfies with quite a few of them and was fangirling the whole time.

I made a great new buddy, Spartan 923 cosplayer, Lucas. We spent a long time geeking out with Ariana (Cosplay Sewing School), John (Antiquarian Couture), and Jake (The Fandom Father).


So now we come back to the original question: Was this con worth it? And the answer is a resounding yes! The point of a convention is to come together and celebrate fandom, geekdom, cosplay, art, creativity, and fun. And this convention, though small, didn’t disappoint.

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