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First Original Cosplay – The Dark Warrior

Based on a character from one of my short stories, here is my first Original Character cosplay.

I have got through a few different versions of her, but the final version will be revealed tomorrow at Archon 41. I am waiting for the official photo shoot.

Basic concept: As you go through these evolutions you will see that there are common themes. See of you can catch them as I take you through this fun experience.

Version 1

The beginning photoshoot. I made the paldrons for another project and I wanted to use it for this character. I stared with a long sleeve look. with a hood.


Version 2


Going to short sleeves this time. With a new addition of the mask, I added a few other types of weapons.




I’m very excited to bring you the final version, updates coming in the next con post!

See the shrot story that goes with this character here

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