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One Reason Janeway was the Best Starfleet Captain – Ex Post Facto

Star Trek: Voyager celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary on January 16, 2020. In honor of that, today we are talking about my favorite Star Trek Captain, Katherine Janeway.

The 90’s were a hay day for women in TV. (You can check out my post on why 90’s TV was the best here.) But arguably one of the most powerful women of the age was Captain Katherine Janeway (played by Kate Mulgrew) of Voyager.

One of the most impressive things about the way they wrote her, was they didn’t try to write out her maternal instincts. On the contrary, they wrote her as a whole woman. Decisive, commanding, knowledgeable, and one who uses her compassionate nature to fuel the other three.

As I watched the episode Ex post Facto, I was struck by how this was portrayed.

In the episode Tom, passes out and Janeway immediately rushes and places her hand protectively on his head. After inquiring about Tom’s condition she requested, “I’d like to take him back with us. To our medical facility.”

When the aliens acceed and warm her not to leave orbit she levels them with her gaze. “Minister. We don’t intend to leave orbit until we prove his innocence.”

She looks at Tuvok, who doesn’t have to look at her. He had worked under her command so long, he knew what to do. Tuvok immediately gives the command for the three of them to be beamed up.

She grabs Tom protectively and glares at the aliens while they vanish up to the Voyager.

Later in the episode, Tuvok undergoes a mind meld with Paris. There was a risk of neuro damage to her chief security officer. It was mentally taxing, but she was right there with him.

She then allowed Tuvok to take the lead, trusting him completely. Once he resolved the mystery (no spoilers) Janeway just looked at her boys like a proud mama.

Not only is she a strength to her crew members, but they trust her because she trusts them.

Janeway is able to care for her crew individually because she is such a strong leader. Her crew, as hodgepodge as it is with the two crews smashed together, knows what to do because she is clear, direct, and intent.

I ask you, what do you love about Captain Janeway?

These are all my opinions and I am not affiliated with the show or actors in any way. I am just a fan analyzing a show I love. 

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