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Operation: Birthday Rescue

When I discovered that covid would indeed keep me from my niece on her 3rd birthday I was devastated. I live 1300 miles away, but I have always managed to visit a few times a year.

Now it has been almost a year since I’ve seen her and I was going to miss her birthday.

I reached out to my cosplay friends and asked if anyone would be willing to dress up and record a birthday message for my niece.

That was when I found Operation: Birthday Rescue. This is a volunteer group of kind, giving people who are donating their time to record videos for people to make their day a little brighter.

Fast forward to my niece’s birthday on Monday. She was star struck. All her favorite people from the TV and her books were saying they wanted her to have a happy birthday!

But enough about me, I want to tell you about some of the people who made her day so special.

St. Louis Princess Parties

Katherine Kirchoff runs St. Louis Princess Parties. She is one of the kindest most giving person I’ve ever met. I know, I started the post saying this whole group is so kind and giving…but this professional princess takes it to a new level.

And that can be said about everything she does! Her costumes are next level amazing.

Elemental Cosplay

My niece could not have been more excited about having Elsa say Hi! This awesome video was Perfect! Thank you so much.

Becoming Thor

When my niece was a tiny baby, the first geek thing I bought her was a Thor’s Hammer rattle. She LOVED it and was so excited to see the real Thor!

Emily Marie-Michelle Sanner

Who doesn’t love Rapunzel. And my niece was excited to see her with Pascal!

Laura Bunn

While watching this Peter Pan video my niece looked like she was seriously considering what to pack for her trip to Neverland!

Amy Marie Johnson

This baby bat girl is just too cute for words! That is right, kids can be superheroes too!

Mandy Higgins

Now, my niece is turning 3. So when she saw Rapunzel pop up again, she was so thrilled! You can never have too much Rapunzel when they are this amazing!

Joshua Madruga

This awesome cosplayer did an amazing Maui personalized shout out, and had two “generic” videos as well. The only thing that was “generic” is they didn’t say my niece’s name. The videos are stunning!

Gaby Soto

This Moana is amazing! Her video was super sweet. Also…Hei Hei!

Gina Boscarino

Gina gave my niece one of my two favorite princesses, even though her dress is stuck on pink instead of blue. She also runs Golden Rule Events LLC.

Lisa Hayley

I am envious of this Rey outfit. And her video also featured sounds from R2-D2 and Chewbacca. Super cool!

Alison Hobbity Wood

This Alice was too adorable! And of course, the Cheshire Cat was the icing on the cake.

Matthew Ledgerwood

My niece was enchanted with this cuddly looking dragon! He is super fun.

Al Bigley

This superhero’s cosplay videos are Awesome! My niece couldn’t tear her eyes away from Captain America and Spiderman! Blog:

“I’ve also created a series of videos featuring superheroes reading books for kids at home, due to the virus!”

Kayla Kelley

Calling this cosplayer versital would be an understatement. And all of her videos were really well thought out and sweet.

Jenny Prado

If my memory serves me correctly, Jenny was the cosplayer who tipped me off to the group. She is super awesome and her video was definitely one of my niece’s favorites.

Marjorie Jorie Mcconnell

Mary Poppins and Princess Leia are two of my favourite female characters ever created. And this cosplayer does a great job with them in her videos.

Angel Logsdon

Pirate and Supergirl, oh my! A big thank you to this cosplayer!

Elizabeth Norwood

You can’t beat a pirate and the Cheshire Cat! These adorable videos can be used for YOUR birthday too!


This Mal was so Awesome! I really appreciated her reaching out and my niece loved it!


Morgana Pendragon Cosplays

This Snow White was amazing! I really appreciated her video as well!

TikTok: @Morgana_Pendragon

Thank you!!!

A huge thank you to all of these amazing cosplayers for making my niece’s birthday special!

Can You Help?

So finally, if you are a cosplayer who wants to give back, or a mom/dad/aunt/uncle who want to make a day special, check out Operation: Birthday Rescue.

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