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OUAT Con Chicago Lineup

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

For the next few days I will be posting about my plans for attending Creation Entertainment’s “Once Upon a Time” Convention.

I have been looking forward to #OUATCHI for months! I’m obsessed with the ABC series, and they just announced that, after 7 seasons, it will be ending. As a result I want to do a tribute to a great show.

I started watching “Once” in the second season. My photographer introduced me to the television show because she knew I would love the weapons, and she was right.

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

The show follows the story of Snow White and the Evil Queen, and begins when the Evil Queen casts a curse that takes all the storybook characters to a world without magic. The world is our world, and she turns herself into Mayor Regina Mills.

After that … well, you will have to watch. There are tons of back stories, new lovable characters, many quotable moments, and twists and turns you will never see coming. Ultimately it explores the concept that you can never judge a book by it’s cover, and even an Evil Queen can change.

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

From the beautiful character portrayals to incredible costumes and twisting, turning plot lines, “Once Upon a Time” had it all. My costumes for the convention are a tribute to this great series.

Friday – Ruby Lucas (Little Red Riding Hood)

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

Though “Red” had a run with the show that ended after the second season (with a few cameo appearances in following seasons) she is one of the most iconic characters of the show. I was looking for a character that would be easy and comfortable to drive in but completely recognizable.

For details of the costume click here.

Saturday – Genderbent Hook

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

This costume is a collaboration with a friend of mine that calls herself the “costumer behind the curtain.” She also helped me put together the hook.

I love the depth of the character of Captain Hook (and Season 7’s “Nook”). I was browsing some corsets online and found one that reminded me a lot of Hook’s costume. That’s where the idea was born.

My favorite part of this costume has to be the hook. Check out the how-to here.

Sunday – Genderbent Robin Hood

Art Cred: @illustrateIlluminate

I have always loved Robin Hood. In this series, Robin came in late, and I’ll admit I was hesitant to accept him in the role of the Evil Queen’s love interest (I’m telling you, you have to watch the show). But once the character appeared, I fell in love. He was every inch the lovable thief, robbing the rich and feeding the poor. And who doesn’t want to dress up as Robin Hood?

Check out the evolution of this costume here.

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