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What I’ll Be Cosplaying for Anime St. Louis 2018

I have decided due to some circumstances to only attend Friday and Saturday of Anime St. Louis this year. So I will be making this short sweet and ready to go!


Don’t miss my “May the 4th” costume! It is a casual cosplay, but I love it! I never thought I would have a Chewbacca costume but my friend (the woman behind the curtain) found a sale on zulilly.

After a failed attempt to buy the accompanying dress (it came in with a nasty spot on the front so I shipped it back), I went with a plain brown dress that was more flared on the bottom.

Don’t forget to get a selfie with me for the blog! If you ask me for a selfie, you can get one of these necklaces for FREE! But better hurry, I only have 14!

Friday I’ll be hanging around the panels almost all afternoon/evening.

I will be posting a “How-to” here soon.


In honor of the man I lost last weekend I am debuting my pokemon trainer, Misty.

I have always loved this cute little tough girl who almost seemed more Pokemon than person herself.

I’m also offering 14 of these cute pokeball necklaces if you ask me for a selfie that I can post on the blog! Don’t miss them!

Saturday I’ll only be there in the afternoon/evening as well, so don’t miss me!

Are you going to Anime St Louis? Find me! Post below who you are going as!

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