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Small Business Saturday – Support Your Fellow Creatives

As we are spending money in preparation for the winter holidays, don’t forget the little guys.

Will you pay more at a small business? Probably.

But it is important to think of WHY.

I bought my first Hufflepuff Hat, Scarf, and Glove set from China for around $5-$8 total. It was fine and worked well. Fast forward a year. I am at a convention and I find a Hufflepuff hat and scarf set. Hademade with the most WONDERFUL yarn.

I paid $40 and was really happy about it.

Don’t get me wrong, the inner deal maker side of me was screaming at me and reminding me of the set I already had at home. But I told her to shut up.


First, quality of materials. This yard is the softest stuff you’ve ever touched. It is wonderful, machine washable, and Hufflepuff colors.

Second, time invested. I know what my time is worth (that chainmail project taught be that). I assume hers is at least worth that and I figure in that case, she was giving me a steal for $40.

I think every author has heard the quote about people paying $5 for coffee but freaking out about paying $2.99 for an ebook.

In my opinion, as a culture we need to do better. If we want to maintain a thriving culture of art and literature we need to spend a little more to support those things. I know money is tight for everyone, but my theory is this: If I spend money when I can to support other people’s small businesses, other people will spend money to support mine. It is an upward spiral of creatives supporting each other.

So take a moment and look through these links. I have purchased from most of these sellers. See if there is anything that would make a good Christmas present. See if there is something you can’t live without.

Let’s support each other.


I’m going to keep adding to this list, so check back!


Jason J. Nugent, Author

Author of speculative fiction.

Ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks available.

I’m running a promo on my short story collection “Moments of Darkness.” It’s only .99 for a limited time on Amazon. It can be had at:

S.A. McClure

Fantasy Novels

Running a giveaway on amazon for people who follow me!

Iso Rivers

Fantasy short stories

Free ebook for kindle Nov 22-26

Handmade Items

Sunshine’s Whimsy

Handmade geek fabric art.

Buy one, get one 50% off and free shipping if you spend $50.

Sewn Together Reflections

Books, prints, hats and customizable sewn items

All pot holders and custom Christmas stockings ordered before the end of November will arrive in time for Christmas in the US.

Harlcole Cosplay

Christmas bulbs, props, and hand painted canvas characters

Right now you can go to my IG harlcole_cosplay and follow the directions for the giveaway and a code to the Etsy shop.

Forge And Fleece

Chainmail and scalemail armor, jewelry and costume items!

20% off till the 26th

Simply Kitts Illustrations

Illustrations and illustrated prints, pins and stickers

25% off until December 1st

Antiquarian Couture

Steampunk inspired mixed media jewelry made from found objects, insect wings, and antique watch parts.

15 percent off with code SBSATURDAY

Rambling Arts

Commissions, art prints and stickers

Shakespeares workshop

Nerdy fun stuff custom made by me!

Free shipping on Small Business Saturday!


Cosplay Sewing School


Classes for learning cosplay


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