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Tinkerbell dress refashion/upcycle – The Best Christmas Present

I received one of the best Christmas presents EVER! My sister made me a gorgeous Tinkerbell dress, perfect for my style, with this how-to included for you guys!

The following tutorial is written by my sister. She claims she is an amateur, but she is one of the most talented geek creatives I know.

I hope you love this as much as I do.

Before you read this please know I am an amateur who was making this up as I went along. Most pictures are of the back side of the dress because to be honest when I started I want sure this was going to even work.

I found an old, comfy dress the color I wanted (with pockets because that’s a HUGE bonus!).

I laid it out and drew chalk lines where I wanted the “leaf” designs to be.

When doing the second side I made sure to carry over the design from the first side by doing each side first.

Next I cut out the bottom of the dress a half inch from the edge of the leaf for seam allowance.

Then I painted the edges and main vein on the leaf with a light green acrylic paint.

I then cut the facing fabric to match the leaf, pinned my fabric right sides together and sewed around.

Before I flipped the fabric I cut off the tops of the leaves so the points can be sharper and snipped up to the seam on any curved edges (see picture).

I then flipped the fabric inside out and top stitched with a brighter green thread and bobbin.

I followed each leaf and stitched along the painted line.

Once I’d sewn the entire dress, I studied a bunch of pictures on Google of leaf dresses for reference. Then used brown paint and made shadows to define each leaf.

Next I used yellow paint to paint highlights and veins on some leaves.

Once all that was dry I flipped it over and painted the other side the same way making sure to carry over any patterns on the sides.

Lastly, I threw it in the dryer to get out any wrinkles, folded it up and wrapped it for Christmas!!

In hindsight I could have easily painted the entire thing before any cutting or sewing. I also think it would be fun to add fabric glitter to it.

This is a guest post and I do not own any of this content…except the dress. I own the dress now 😁

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