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Weirdie Spotlight – PandaSquid

I met PandaSquid a long time ago, and I am very excited to finally have them on my blog. 

ISO: Hi, what’s your name?

PS: My business name is PandaSquid. I absolutely love both animals and thought, ‘hey, why not create my own creature!’

ISO: Tell us a little about yourself.

PS: I have been drawing and painting at a very early age. My dad is really into comics, DC and Marvel, and loved created his own superheroes. I would draw with him often. I remember at early birthdays, like when I was 7 or 8 years old, my dad giving me pencil sets or kneaded erasers and how excited I was. My friends had no idea why I was excited by what they thought were just basic items.
My mother taught me to crochet and my grandmother taught me to knit.

ISO: What is your favorite beverage?

PS: I love taro bubble tea! I can drink this everyday! Or avocado bubble tea.

ISO: What is your favorite food?

PS: I love anything Korean. I can eat kimchi with almost anything.

ISO: What is your favorite sweet?

PS: I cannot live without chocolate. I have moved to Belgium and have never tasted chocolate this good. I am in heaven.

ISO: Who are your favorite fictional characters?

PS: BMO from Adventure Time is me in cartoon form. I relate to BMO so much:) I also love Totoro.

ISO: If you could live in or visit any fantasy world, where would you go?

PS: The Land of Ooo from Adventure Time or any scene from a Miyazaki film.

ISO: What are your “fandoms”?

PS: I think you could guess…Adventure Time and Studio Ghibli

ISO: What do you love about what you are doing?

PS: I love to create. I get to do what I love everyday. It’s everyone’s dream to be able to do what they love.

ISO: What is the most difficult thing for you about what you do?

PS: The most difficult is trying to find a balance of managing my time and the projects I am working on and the projects I want to work on.

ISO: Who are your support team members?

PS: Definitely my brother and sister. They love to go to the Comic Cons I am selling at or Pop Up’s. They always help out. And my parents! My fiancé is pretty amazing too.

ISO: Tell me us about your business.

PS: My business right now is mainly my crocheted creations. They range from familiar characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons to my own characters like my Fart Monsters.

ISO: How did you get into the business?

PS: After college, I felt a little lost and distant from art. Someone had suggested I apply for Strange Folk Festival in 2008. I have been doing cons and shows ever since.

ISO: What types of buisnesses do you have?

PS: I have a crocheting and knitting business. But I also paint and draw. I have been painting pet portraits recently.

ISO: Who are other indie Business Owners you look up to?

PS: I love love love: Jam + Bee ceramics, Furry Little Peach, Fran Meneses, and Knitology are just a few.

ISO: What are your dreams or goals with your business?

PS: I would like to venture out and paint and draw more for PandaSquid.

ISO: What projects do you want to do if money and time were no object?

PS: I would love to learn how to draw digitally with Procreate. It seems so hard (and pricey) to start.

ISO: What are some lessons you have learned about being an indie?

PS: To keep at it even when it gets hard. Keep doing what you love.

ISO: What is the most difficult thing for you about being and indie Business Owner?

PS: Trying to manage your time. I have always had to work full time and trying to create on my free time. That can be tiresome.


ISO: What is something you wish beginning Indies knew?

PS: Ask for help, especially when it comes to taxes. There were so many things I didn’t know that could have been  considered for my business and would have helped me in the past.

ISO: What tips or tricks do you have for other indies?

PS: Keep all your receipts, keep track of what you do with your time and money when it comes to your business. Keep practicing to perfect your craft.

ISO: What is your creative process?

PS: I sketch a lot of things out. I like to take walks with my pup to get inspired. I usually have multiple To Do lists and just try to manage the items on my list. I also work on several projects at a time which allows me to focus on something else if I start to feel frustrated on one thing.

ISO: What are your favorite items?

PS: I love my notebooks and pens. I also carry around a small paper calendar that ALWAYS has puppies on it. I just can’t get into a digital calendar!

Photo by: Carlyn Faye @carlynfannfaye

ISO: What are some free/cheap business tools you have found helpful?

PS: You can get some affordable items on Amazon. I shop at Joann’s a lot and they have plenty of deals and coupons which are super handy.

ISO: What projects are you working on?

PS: I am working on creating a weekly (but will probably be monthly) comic strip based on my everyday life living in a new country with my pup.

ISO: Do you attend geek events? If yes, which ones are your favorite?

PS: I go to a lot of Wizard World Comic Cons (I usually am a vendor). I love Planet Comic Con in Kansas City. The STL Science Center also has a free event, First Fridays. Each month it’s a different theme where they have vendors and play a movie. It’s pretty cool.

ISO: What are your go to snacks/drinks as you work on your art?

PS: I drink lots of water. I also love eating Shrimp chips…I know it sounds weird but it’s sooooo good.

ISO: When did you start creating?

PS: I guess I have been creating since I was a kid. I found all of my old sketchbooks from when I was like 6 years old drawing Disney characters. My favorite to draw when I was in kindergarten were the Ninja Turtles.

ISO: Why did you decide to pursue art?

PS: I feel like it’s always been there for me. I am surrounded by art.

ISO: What mediums do you use?

PS: I range from fibers when I crochet and knit to graphite pencils, watercolor, pen and ink, polymer clay. It just depends what I feel like creating that day.

ISO: Who are some artists you look up to?

PS: Yayoi Kusama is an amazing artist that I look up to. Artemisia Gentileschi is another painter. James Jean !!!

ISO: What are some of your favorite pieces of art?

PS: I have this eggplant still life that my parent’s still have hanging up in their living room that I still love. I based it off eggplants I saw at Schnucks.

ISO: What do you love about art?

PS: Art can mean anything. I love how someone can look at the same piece of art and feel something completely different from the other person. Or you can feel the same experience.

ISO: Where do you get your inspiration?

PS: From everyday life, nature, other artists.

ISO: What are some lessons you have learned about being an artist?

PS: To not compare yourself or put yourself down.

ISO: Where can we get your art?

PS: You can find me on etsy, instagram, and facebook.
instagram: @pandasquidstl
Or check me out at my website

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