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Welcome to the Future!

In January, I will be changing from to I am super excited because this will give me a chance to branch out a bit beyond cosplay.

Why Weird Is The New Normal?

This blog turns two in December! As I’ve watched it grow I’ve realized that it has morphed into something larger than just Cosplay Ideas. It is all about people. All the amazing people I meet online and at conventions…and those don’t all fit into cosplay. There are a vast number of indie creatives that I want to share and get to know better.

Also, a lot of my topics are more “life” focused than “cosplay” focused. Obviously cosplay is a big part of my life, but it isn’t everything.

The tagline, A neverland for weirdies who love geek stuff, creativity, events, how-to’s, life, and each other! Really focuses on what I feel this blog really has become all about.

The people.

We are Weirdies…Weird+Indie=Weirdies.

What is staying the same?

I will still be posting Cosplayer and Cosplay Photographer interviews. Getting to know awesome people is what I’m all about.

I will still be posting Con reviews…because who doesn’t love cons?

I will still be writing cosplay how-to’s and opinion pieces. Because isn’t that the point of a blog?

For now I will still be posting twice a week, unless I get an influx of content and then I might increase my posting rate!

What is changing?

This is not a comprehensive list. There will be quite a bit changing. But here is a start.

I will be branching the interviews out to all weirdies! Authors, artists, creatives, anyone who wants to meet other weirdies!

I’m going to start accepting guest blog posts. Have something to say? Submit it here! (See the guidelines here)

I’m moving my fanfiction and spec fic to this blog for everyone’s enjoyment. I’m also accepting submissions for this section as well.

Weekly emails to connect. That’s right! Let’s chat!

New merch coming soon!

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