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What 30 More Cosplayers Love about Cosplay

Everytime I think I have covered the best thing about cosplay, I end up finding three more. I always go back to the old standby, and the real reason I love cosplay. The people.


From the first convention I went to, to hanging out with my newest friend last week, I love the people. Of course, as with everything, you can find all kinds of people in cosplay. The people I focus on and spend time with are all positive, supportive, kind, wonderful people.

My peeps helping me get my crap together for competition.

These people lift me up when I’m down, remind me to be patient with myself, and tell me I am beautiful the way I am.

Here are 30 more cosplayers talking about why THEY love cosplay.

1. Levigirlcosplay

I love that it gives me confidence. I get to be the characters I love and I get to connect with other people who share my interests. I have only been cosplaying a few months but I have made so many new friends through it. I really love it!

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2. Nozokumi

I love cosplay because I was brought into a community where everyone can bond over their interest and skills, and don’t judge because alot of people are in the same fandom as you. You can show people your creation and be your favorite character for the day. I’ve met so many amazing friends through cosplaying and conventions that I likely wouldn’t have met before, and I’m so glad I did.

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3. Crochet Cosplay

My favorite thing about cosplay is the mix and matching of fandoms. I’ve seen cosplayers paint an inflatable t-rex suit to look like he’s wearing Deadpool’s suit. I’ve seen Storm trooper Pikachu and Disney princesses as mortal combat characters. The creativity is endless and it’s wonderful.

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Viking batman
Photo by: Andrew Childs

4. Mash Up Cosplay UK

I love being creative, so the building and designing aspect is very satisfying But mostly I’ve made many friends doing this over the last few years and getting to hang out and patrol with those guys is great.

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5. Naurarwen Cosplay

I love the escapism of it. Plus the background stuff of making the costumes, sourcing the materials and thriving for perfection. I also love learning new skills, which I tend to learn 1 or 2 every year because there is always something on a costume that I’ve never done before. This year it was building the Heat Wave gun for my other half from CF100 which to be honest is a material I wasn’t overly familiar with, along with that I had to learn the best ways to seal it before painting and what glues could be used.

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6. Marjolein

What do you love about cosplay? I love the sphere on conventions, the cosplays that you see every convention and of course the people. I love to meet people with the same interest as me.

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7. A Stark Comparison

It’s a great way to socialise and destress, I’ve made a lot of great friends through cosplay. It’s also a talking point with friends outside cosplay, they’re always interested in what I’m up to next!

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8. Mystmoon

I love meeting people through it! Most of my current friends I’ve met through cosplay and cons in some way, I’m naturally quite socially awkward, so I find cosplays make an easy conversation starter (Oh you like X! So do I!)
I also love the challenge of looking at a design and figuring out how to make it real. It’s one reason why I do so many gajinkas, it’s fun to design outfits and see how much of the character you can bring over and what small details you can add for fans who look for them. I’ve especially enjoyed making the day of fans when I cosplay something a bit more obscure, like the Tachikoma. It’s great to meet fellow fans and to share the love for a character!

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9. Diystopia

The cosplay and costume making community is incredibly supportive. It’s rare to see people in the community being discouraging or mean and I think that’s good for all of us.

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10. Mark W.

I love the fact that as far as a cosplay is difficult, someone always finds a way to do it.

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11. Amanda Hopper

Love making costumes and friends while I cosplay

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12. Heidi E.

For me cosplay has become about the making. I love the opportunity to go to cons and see what is around and meet up with people like myself but I really love the opportunity to play. I work full time which as a teacher can mean I work 7.30 am till 10 or 11pm, if there’s marking to do but I still try to make time for me. Even as adults we need to have the chance to play. There is a quote from George Bernard Shaw, that goes something along the lines of ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing.’ My choice of playing is to go into my workshop and make. Through some events we have become part of different groups. Bloodstock Cosplayer and Brit Cit Judges and a number of other forums have opened up a world of new people and some wonderful friendships have been made. I very much value this. There are so many talented, creative people and there is so much to learn. You don’t ever have to stop learning. You just learn the things that are interesting to you.

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13. Tymandercosplay

The pictures the reactions from people. spending time with my friends and family.

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14. LeoraLockheartCosplay

I am able to express myself and behave in a completely different ways to how I would in the everyday. Its always quite exciting to discover how I can interpret a character in another way from a different cosplayer.

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15. The Dragon’s Cosplay

I love all of it: the making, how I feel when I plan out a cosplay, doing my makeup and getting ready for a con, doing the photoshoots, all of it.

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16. Writteninthecode (Code-D)

Can I say everything or is that too cliche? I love the skills it’s given me; it’s allowed me to explore myself and do things I never thought I would, I love meeting people who share similar interests to me and just everyone enjoying themselves, the cosplay community can be so welcoming so it’s a pleasure to see!
I also am starting to enter more competitions so that’s something I really enjoy!”

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17. Always River

The glamour, darling! There’s nothing more exciting that getting dressed up and pretending to be whoever you fancy.

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18. ZumbaWolf Cosplay

That is can be an escape from stress. That you can be anyone you desire to be… The hero or the villain, and you can just have fun in doing it.

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19. Wasteland Workshop

The camaraderie and shenanigans! I’ve made so many good friends through costuming, and had so many ridiculous adventures at various events. It’s a whole different world.

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20. EmeraldArrow

The creativity is a big thing to me. I love creating and building. And I won’t lie, the attention at cons can be infectious. There is a cool sense of completion when you day is made by making someone else’s.

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21. Soulstealercat

The making of a cosplay and getting into character are my favourite parts of the whole process as I said before, but also making people besides myself happy with my work is a really heartwarming feeling, it really encourages me to keep doing what I love and getting much better every time.

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22. Candy Arts

I love bringing characters to life and pretending to be all my favorites and just basking in the moments when people recognise the character or ask for photos or leave nice comments. All that is just so amazing.

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23. Kamuiyamato

Cosplay is an art form in which I can not only create with my hands but I can also pass joy onto other people by simply being a character they love. I love to fool around in character and just joke with people. I love to sew and create and just breathe life into a project. It’s expanded my knowledge in so many areas and given me confidence in so many others. It’s brought me friends, and people I call family and even my husband. It’s such a personal thing for me, I adore it. It’s truly and honestly changed my life.

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24. Kazzen

When I’m in costume, I get into character. I become someone else. I bring smiles to people’s faces. I become something people love seeing. The reactions of the people who see me make the entire experience worth it.

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25. Wesley T.

You can be what you make! You did all of that! You can show off your favorite character in the way you want to!

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26. PeachyFox Cosplay

I figured I’d go for a name which is more reflective of me, so i chose my favourite colour (peach) and favourite animal (fox). What do you love about cosplay? There’s so many things. The versatility, the creativity, the originality, the experience. Cosplay is such a huge part of my life at the moment. Because of it, I was able to feel more comfortable with my self and confidence. It allows for people to become their favourite characters, or for onlookers to see their favourite characters come to life before them, and to pose with them and interact with them. It allows for creativity to flow out in a positive, non-destructive, and incredibly fun way. It helps people be the versions of themselves they relate to most, without actually being themselves. Does that make sense?

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27. MissMadison_Cosplay

I love trying new things! New makeup techniques, new prop making materials, learning about new anime and games! I have learned so much since getting into real cosplay and attending conventions and there is so much more to explore!

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28. Eugene_cosplay

The community, and kids. The kids that don’t have cosplay on the street or even in the cons, LOVE you. And seeing those innocent faces light up is amazing on all fronts. The community, when you meet non-toxic people or even people like Iso Rivers, willing to interview you and give you some shine… Well, it’s magical and feels like a family away from your family.

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29. Temperance

I love everything about it. I know that’s a really lame reply but I do. I guess my favorite thing is seeing so many people put their differences aside and become close friends bonding on just being nerdy and having fun.

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30. Jacy

Hmm.. The aspect of how you can bring the character to your perspective. I love seeing peoples different perspective of the character and I love how some cosplayers will act as the character while they cosplay! That’s what I play to do at conventions!

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Why do you love cosplay? Comment below!

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