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What is a “Weirdie”

A few months ago, I realized that my nearly two year old blog had outgrown the original intent. It’s name didn’t fit anymore the way a 2-year old tries to squish into an 18-month old dress up outfit. I loved where it was headed, but it was changing in a way that the name didn’t fit.

I searched for months to find a way I could identify. I wanted to meet people like myself. I wanted to promote people like me, not just cosplayers, but other geeks and creatives as well.

Chef Ryan

The cookie creators I met at a convention who have the most adorable baymax cookies. The Chef who focuses his talents on supporting people with cancer. The creative who doesn’t “cosplay” but makes her living making cosplay pieces for others. The artist who spends a lot of time at conventions, but has never ventured into “cosplay”. The Author who cosplays, but doesn’t consider themselves a “cosplayer”.

The list goes on and on and “” was too niched to share everything I wanted to share.

As I was searching for a new identity, I knew I needed on that not only fit my blog, but one that more accurately reflected me. I am not just a cosplayer. I only started cosplaying a few years ago. I have been writing for years. I have been a fangirl for years.

So, on a recommendation from Emilie Wapnick (if you aren’t familiar with her stuff, you really need to check it out) I reached out to my friends and asked them how they would describe me.

One of my friends text me “You are weird.”

The lightbulb went off in my head. I am. I always have been. I’m a weirdie.

If you look up “Weirdie” on the Urban Dictionary you see:

And Indie + something else that is generally considered weird.

Weird + Indie = Weirdie!

What could be more perfect? I’m an Indie Author and buisness owner. I love promoting Indie Authors, artists, and craftspeople.

As I have gotten deeper and deeper into the con scene, the part I love best is meeting all the Indies.

I love interviewing cosplayers, and I don’t intend to stop, but I also felt like I was missing by not sharing the stories of all these other amazing people.

That is why I am changing the name and face of the blog. There is too much amazing weirdness out there to limit it to just cosplayers.

As I contemplated how the blog has changed, I realized that all I wanted to do was create a platform to shout out all these amazing people that I was meeting. So many people want to buy small and want to support indies, but there just isn’t a place to go to find them aside from events.

I hope to give people a place to find these “weirdies” so they can support, collaborate, and find like-minded people!

All opinions are mine. I have no relationship or control of the external links…I just think they are cool.

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